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August 2016

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Welcome to Bali

Welcome to Bali, a place with one of the friendliest people in Indonesia or anywhere. That’s what we felt as soon as we arrived on the island. Here you ask “when does the show start?”, and they answer “when everything is ready …”. Now we can vouch for that. This is a place where there’s […]

Exploring the bustling Hong Kong

Rosa (or affectionately called Rosi) and her daughter Ariadna are relatives of mine and residents in Tenerife. When we started the world trip, we spoke to try and fix a meet up in Asia, but ultimately was not possible … It turned out they were in some of the places we visited in China just […]

Guilin and its beautiful landscapes

As mentioned few days ago we encouraged some friends that were travelling the world or some countries in Asia recently to prepare an article about their experience, so we could put it online on our blog. We have already few articles fresh from the oven, and the first one is from our friends from Italy, […]

Yangshuo and navigating Li and Yulong rivers

Family Travel Secrets – Experience in Yangshuo by Giuseppe and Maura In case you missed the first part of the article, with their visit to Guilin, click here. After Guilin and some online researches while organizing the trip, we discovered that one common suggestion made by all the travellers who have been there before, was to […]

Xitang, exploring the watertowns near Shanghai

Xitang, one of China’s water towns, was our last planned trip for our stay in the country. We wanted to see something different from everything we’d already seen on our travels across this huge country, so we decided that we wouldn’t miss the chance to see one of the many water towns around the cosmopolitan Shanghai. […]


As the trip through China was more spontaneous than we had planned, there were a few things that went well, because they had to 🙂 . Our initial idea was to have arrived in Shanghai on 20th August, but what happened? Well, we couldn’t find any sleeper train tickets from Luoyang or Zhengzhou for the […]

Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of Kung Fu

After having realized the day before that going to Shaolin Temple from Luoyang at 12pm was a little late, we changed our bus tickets for 4 yuan more and left at 8am instead. We were very lucky, as a staff member at the bus station helped us once we were through the departure gate by […]

Longmen Grottoes

This was our main scheduled stop in Henan province… Longmen Grottoes were waiting us 🙂 The day before we had arrived in Luoyang very early in the morning (as it was usual in this trip…), and so for that reason (and because we knew the city was pretty big) we decided to stay in a […]

Visiting Terracotta Army in our visit to Xi’an

Terracotta, in Lintong District,  was another place we, as well as practically everyone else, wouldn’t dream of missing out during our trip across China. Rosi and Ariadna (some kind of relatives 🙂 from Tenerife) had already given us a fair bit of info about the city, but, thanks to the insider info given to us by […]

Xi’an under the sun…

It was incredibly warm in Xi’an and maybe all the travelling was starting to take its toll, so much so that we had to take it easier than usual. Even with everything, we still decided that we weren’t going to stay in the air-conditioned hostel and for two days we went out into the heat […]

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