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Crossing the immensity of The Great Wall

On our third day in Beijing we went to the Forbidden City. Once we got there, as I’m sure you can imagine, there was a huge crowd. We were travelling to Huairou that afternoon, so there wouldn’t be a lot of time to visit everything given the crowd. We therefore just walked around the city and […]

Exploring Beijing and the Beihai Park

Our first days in China were a mix of excitement, about visiting a country with a completely different culture, and confusion, as due to the different culture it is not easy to move around and go places. We had a day-long journey from the US, with a stopover in Taipei-Taiwan. There Ruth and Noah were […]

A few hours in Taiwan …

We only had a few hours in Taipei, Taiwan, which was a stopover on our flight that left Los Angeles with Beijing as its final destination. As Fabio did not have a visa to enter the country, he stayed in one of the VIP lounges at the airport. Meanwhile Noah and I benefited from a free tour leaving […]

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