Lima: the beginning of our South American route

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Lima: the beginning of our South American route

Here we are … Lima!

Although the first stops on our journey were Tenerife and Brazil, we must admit that we consider Peru the first stop on the trip. The reason for that is that our planning started here.

Our flight departed from Sao Paulo at 5:50 AM on March 30, and as it was early morning we decided to spend the night at the Fast Sleep hotel at the airport. It was a simple hotel and an incredibly small room, but we had the basics for a good night’s sleep.


The hotel at the airport in Guarulhos-Sao Paulo had the smallest room we’d ever been in … but it didn’t ruin our mood

The flight was also pleasant, and the 3 of us had the chance to catch up on some sleep in those 5 hours.


Someone was tired when we arrived in Lima …


… indeed, someone was tired



Our taxi driver, booked by our friends who were hosting us in Lima, explained a bit about the city, the politics and what we could do while in Peru. While he was talking we couldn’t help but notice how chaotic the traffic is there. Cars were overtaking from the left or from the right, with no respect whatsoever for the pedestrians and horns honking all around us.

It was the first impression we had of the city and unfortunately it wasn’t a positive one, but I guess we will experience all kinds of things this year. After that first impression, things started to improve. We were extremely well received by our friends Ben and Susana. They live in a large apartment with amazing views in a more upscale area called Barranco, which might offer us some comfort over the next few days.


The first few days in Lima were very easygoing: some walks near the apartment, taking Noah to a park for him to play and lots of resting for him to catch up on sleep. All part of the plan when travelling with our little one. If he doesn’t enjoy the trip then the whole family won’t enjoy it so we have to keep him happy J




So far we can’t say that Lima is particularly a city full of attractions. We still need to explore more downtown, but so far we can see that the best things about Peru are the monuments and the cultural inheritance from their past in other parts of the country. That was confirmed later in our trip to Ica and Paracas.






However, one thing that we knew right from the beginning is that Lima takes its cuisine very seriously. There are many celebrated restaurants and it is not difficult to find places serving delicious local or international dishes. We are yet to try one of the more sophisticated restaurants, but we know they are there and they are great.


Local food is abundant and full of flavors


Even when you go for a healthier meal you are sure to leave the restaurant satisfied


Or you can simply prepare something at home with fresh fruits and vegetables

Meanwhile, we really enjoyed cooking with our friends Ben and Susy and even more the amazing sunsets from their apartment. Each day it is different, but they are all unforgettable.


Perhaps the dinners we enjoyed the most were with our hosts and friends Ben and Susana


And every sunset was different. A different color …


… different scenery …


… a different mood …


… a different memory … and to be remembered for a while

Now we are looking forward to full cultural immersion in Peru, with the climax of Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley.

Next stop: Ica and Paracas!



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