Key Biscayne and the Lighthouse

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Key Biscayne and the Lighthouse

Key Biscayne is one of the most beautiful coastal areas of Miami which is located in the south of the city, and you can get there easily by car or by taking a bus that stops very close to the entrance (although of course afterwards you need to walk quite a bit). This was one of our best choices in the USA – following tips from our friends Borba and Elisa we took the 102B bus from Brickell Station in the morning and the journey lasted no longer than 20 minutes.


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Public transport in Miami is great and modern, and Brickell in particular has very good connections to many places like Downtown and the beaches. You can take the Metro Mover (kind of like a Metro) and the Trolley (kind of like a bus) free of charge.

Key Biscayne, the lighthouse and… sharks!

The bus stops in Key Biscayne in a neighborhood full of condos and beautiful houses and we had to walk for about 10 minutes to get to the entrance of the park were we would spend the rest of the day.




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Bill Baggs State Park is a preserved area in Key Biscayne where you are surrounded by nature and have beautiful, quiet and very clean beaches on the doorstep. This is somewhere to spend the whole day, and you don´t have to fight for a spot on the sand.

At the entrance to the park we had to pay $2 per person (Noah not included), but if you go there by car it is $8. From there we had to walk 2 kilometers to get a lighthouse which is certainly one of the most beautiful places on the beach there.



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The park is not just made up of beautiful beaches, but is a place where you can enjoy many outdoor activities such as jogging, cycling and having a nice picnic.

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That day it was extremely hot but the water was very refreshing – not cold but not warm. Noah found a friend from Colombia (Susana) to play with for few hours.

At one point Ruth spotted what looked like a shark, and everyone left the beach to look at it. One of the security guards in the park said that maybe the sharks spotted a big fish that was dying and had a little party 🙂 but he said that this was a very strange situation as they don´t usually get so close to the shore.



Family Travel Secret
This is a warning for parents: make sure you keep your camera far away from your kid. We think Noah was playing with the camera and changed the settings without us realizing until a week and a half later when we were downloading the pictures. As a result the pictures in this article (and the other two about Miami) are not the best. 🙂

PicMonkey Collage

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After this pleasant day on the beach we had to head back to the bus stop. Unfortunately we had to wait for quite a while as apparently buses back to Brickell and Downtown do not come very often after a certain time, but still it was warm and it was our first day on the beach for a long time.




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