Islamorada Key … one of the Florida Keys

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Islamorada Key … one of the Florida Keys

If you are in Miami you simply cannot miss out on a trip to the Keys, like Islamorada Key for instance. They are small islands that are aligned in the ocean and easily accessible from Miami. The most famous one is Key West, located about 2 hours from Miami.

One of the nicest things about The Keys is the road to get there, as you get some beautiful views.


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The road from Miami to the very last of The Keys (Key West) is 250 kilometers long and crosses the ocean from island to island. Each of them has accommodation for holidaymakers and its own special charm.

Our visit to Islamorada Key and the Founders Park

Islamorada Key, the Florida Key that we visited with our friends (we also visited Key Biscayne, but just the 3 of us), is located about 130 kilometers and a bit more than 1 hour from Miami. We stayed in one place – Founders Park – where we paid $15 per person and $10 per child and we had a great day. During the week adults pay $8 and kids $5.



It was a kind of private beach with no waves (so Noah was able to be in the water no problem), a huge playground and some tables and chairs for lunch.





Our friends left to have some lunch but we decided to stay as Noah was having fun on the beach and in the playground. While they were gone Noah made a Brazilian friend who played with him and made a swimming pool (a hole in the sand filled with water from the beach). It was the right decision, as in the afternoon we had to leave the beach earlier than we thought because an electrical storm started and it was dangerous to be close to the water.





Islamorada Key is highly recommended and Founders Park is the place to be if you are going with your family.

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The reason we didn’t go to Key West, one of the places that was on Ruth´s bucket list, is that it was a bit more expensive than we were expecting. Also according to our friends, when they were there they didn’t find a spot on the beach very easily. If you have the chance to take a trip to The Keys and stay on one of the islands, such as Islamorada Key, you will enjoy it just as much, but of course that´s just our point of view.


Important facts:
Islamorada Key is located about 130 kilometers from Downtown Miami and the entrance to Founders Park costs $15 per person and $10 per child on bank holidays, but during the week adults pay $8 and kids $5. It has a diving pool which you can use for an extra fee.



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