Grayton Beach

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Grayton Beach

Our journey to Grayton Beach didn’t start in the best possible way. When we travelled from Orlando, where we had spent a fantastic week enjoying the theme parks, the closest (and most affordable) stop for us before Grayton was a city called Marianna. We found a motel for a good price and we didn’t need any luxury as we were arriving late and leaving early in the morning.


Apologies to readers that are from the city, but our first impression was not very nice. It got even worse after a lady in the supermarket told Ruth out of nowhere to “be careful”. We were wondering what she meant by that, and trying to be positive I said to Ruth “she probably meant be careful with the door, or be careful not to fall, or be careful as you might fall in love with the city”, but it was dark, there was pretty much nothing around and being realistic she probably meant something else when she saw Ruth alone (Noah and I were waiting in the car).

We finally arrived at the motel, entered our room and locked our door as if there was a hurricane coming 🙂 Noah watched some cartoons and we quickly fell asleep.

Leaving Marianna and arriving at Grayton Beach

The next morning we packed our things and continued on our journey to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Grayton beach was our target that day and it was not far from there – about an hour. Upon arrival at Grayton Beach State Park we had to pay $5 to get full access to the park and beaches for the day.


Family Travel Secret
There you can find turtles, alligators (in the lakes of course), seagulls and various insects, among other things. Just bear in mind that pets are not allowed on the beach or in cabins, bathing areas or any buildings in the park.




The park is really well maintained with clean toilets, water and showers. There are even areas where tourists are forbidden to walk so they don’t get too close to the sea turtles and their nests. There are a few dunes, but access to those is also restricted.




No wonder that this is one of the most beautiful beaches in the USA and in the world. It is very wide, with fine sand and crystal-clear waters. It really made us feel like we were in the Caribbean. It was a great place to spend the afternoon, building some castles with Noah in the sand, throwing Ruth in the water and diving with Noah.




The beach was not crowded which made the day even more pleasant.



A bit about Grayton Beach State Park

This is a preserved area where humans mix with nature. The dune lakes found there are an unusual coastal feature, only found in a few other places in the world.



Family Travel Secret
This is a great place, not just for spending the day on the beach, but also for those who want to camp and hike and take part in other outdoor activities with family or friends.




Another great and memorable experience from our world trip project.



Next stop … New Orleans!




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