Ramada Madhavi Spa: our experience

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Ramada Madhavi Spa: our experience

During our stay at the Ramada Encore Bali Seminyak operated by Topotels we were kindly invited to try the services at the Madhavi Spa, which is located on-site.

Being in Bali, it was almost our duty to try a famous Balinese massage. It lasted for an hour and boy, what an hour that was … We left the Madhavi Spa completely free from stress and unaware of any problems in the world. This type of massage is seriously good.

Of course only Ruth and I tried it, because Noah had refused a massage for kids at another hotel just a few days beforehand and we didn’t even bother to ask him if he wanted one this time.


I went first and Ruth had her massage an hour later, and in the meantime we played with Noah in the pool. This was on our last day before leaving the Ramada Encore Bali Seminyak.

The spa is located on the 5th floor of the hotel, so far away from the noise of the ground floor where there is music and kids are playing by the pool.


Once we arrived at the spa we were greeted by the ever-kind hotel staff. We were then taken to one of the rooms with a massage table. The room is very quiet with dim lighting, and there’s a scent that relaxes you right from the beginning.


The whole treatment is like heaven. It started with feet cleansing in some water and then we were taken to the table.


From that moment onwards it is impossible to explain how good it was, and the only way to know is to experience it for yourself. After half an hour of the treatment I fell asleep and I’m quite sure that I snored a little 🙂 but the masseuse was polite enough to tell me that she didn’t hear anything.

After this hour-long massage I felt like I didn’t want to leave, but all good things come to an end, right?


We both had the chance to try the services at the Madhavi Spa

Next it was Ruth’s turn. She came upstairs with Noah to switch places with me, and I took my turn playing with him by the pool.

It turned out that Noah decided to “help” the masseuse to massage his mother. It was funny seeing Noah trying to treat Ruth. Just a few days beforehand, when we’d asked him if he wanted a massage for kids, we showed him what the treatment is like. He’s a very energetic boy and cannot stay still for 10 measly seconds without moving, but during those 10 seconds we showed him what it was like. From that moment on he said that he knew how to massage and would help with Ruth. I had to convince him to go downstairs to play in the pool, as it was due to close in the next hour.


After that hour Ruth came downstairs to meet us again, and we could see from her face that she had enjoyed it. It is always funny to see the relaxed, sleepy face of someone after a massage 🙂

Other treatments offered at the Madhavi Spa

Apart from the Balinese massage, the spa offers quite a few other treatments for a very reasonable price. These include facial massage, reflexology and the Encore Signature Massage, which is a bit stronger than the Balinese massage.





Family Travel Secret
One very good option for guests is to try one of the treatments of the day. This is a kind of package that is offered every day of the week and combines treatments.

For instance, on Wednesdays they have “Summer Glow”, which is a 2-hour treatment, on Sundays the “Sunday more pleasure”, which is a 90-minute treatment of warm stone massage, followed by 30-minute facial or foot massage. And there are different packages on the other days too. I wanted to try the “Saturday Special” for a 60-minute Balinese massage, followed by 30-minute facial and 30-minute foot, but unfortunately there was no time.


Thanks to Ramada Encore Bali Seminyak operated by Topotels and the Madhavi Spa for inviting us to try the spa – we really enjoyed it.


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Family Travel Secrets was invited to have a treatment  and review our experience at Madhavi Spa. All opinions and the oodles of pictures remain our own.


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