Beaches in the wonderful Bali

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Beaches in the wonderful Bali

Beaches in Bali. Of course, as we were in Bali we couldn’t miss the opportunity to go to a beach somewhere.


As I’ve said many times, Bali healed us through physical relaxation. We had been working very hard (particularly on the articles about China), but we made the absolute minimum physical effort while we were there and the atmosphere and attitude of the people who live there rubbed off on us. So for nearly two and a half weeks we only visited what we had to and focused on going to the pool, eating and writing articles for the blog. Who’d complain about working like that in Bali? Not us 🙂 🙂


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In Bahasa Indoesia, the language of Indonesia, verb conjugations don't exist for the past tense or the future tense (they just insert words that indicate the time). They only use the present tense - a good philosophy to translate into life 🙂

Eat, pray, love…

After a few days we got inspired to visit beaches in Bali, and from Nusa Dua we went to visit Padang Padang beach, one of the most famous beaches in Bali.


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To get to this small but one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali you have to go down some steps carved out in the cliff. When we arrived at the beach we saw a bunch of people crowding on the shore and in the sea, and in the distance some surfers were making the most of the waves. Nonetheless, the beach is lovely and we stayed there for an hour and a half, during which time Noah helped another child to make a dam with the few stones they could find.



The pictures speak for themselves …






And some other beaches in Bali

We left there and walked for about 15 minutes, and by chance we arrived on the other side of Padang Padang beach. It isn’t easy to see, because you have to walk along a dirt road and climb down the cliff again, but the view of the beach from above was really a unique sight.





When you enter the beach you notice lots of algae and moss (which wasn’t the case on the small beach). We were there for almost the rest of the afternoon.





Another beach that we visited was a stretch of Seminyak beach. It was very quiet, with lots of waves and, at times, some mobile vendors who were a bit pushy in selling their products.



Noah very coolly and bravely enjoyed a long swim in the Indian Ocean.




And last, but not least we also visited Jimbaran beach, but this one we stayed only for few hours to enjoy a beautiful sunset. We leave this one for a separate article.


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Entry ticket for Padang Padang beach: 10,000 rupees per person; We didn't rent a motorbike, but we went to the beach with a driver from Nusa Dua. He picked us up at Uluwatu Temple at the end of the day for 250,000 rupees.


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