Universal Studios Singapore, our experience

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Universal Studios Singapore, our experience

What a fun day at Universal Studios Singapore! We were unable to go to the one in Orlando, but this isn’t something we particularly regret given we were in Florida during the summer and the school holidays. If Disneyland was packed with visitors, then Universal Studios Florida wouldn’t have been much different.

Our experience at Universal Studios Singapore was great

The park isn’t too big or too full of people, so we were able to enjoy almost all the attractions and try some of Noah’s favorites for a second time… and a third and forth time 🙂

Noah had a blast at Universal Studios Singapore... just as Ruth and myself did

It’s normal in the USA to have to queue for hours at peak times for a ride that only lasts 5 minutes or so. However, the longest we had to queue at Universal Studios Singapore in one attraction was only for about 30 minutes.

We didn't have to wait in the queue more than few minutes in the attractions at Universal Studios Singapore

We only had to queue for 5-10 minutes for most of the rides, and we didn’t even have to queue at all for some!


The fact that we could get on the rides quickly really helped us enjoy our day at the park as much as possible.

Our visit to the attractions at Universal Studios Singapore

Noah was very excited the night before when we told him about a “surprise” we had for him the next day. He had no idea what it was though – he kept trying to guess on the train to Universal Studios Singapore, but never got even close!

The train taking visitors from HarbourFront Station to Sentosa Island, where is located Universal Studios Singapore

Family Travel Secret
As well as Universal Studios Singapore, there are other theme parks that are also on the southern island of Sentosa, such as S.E.A. Aquarium or the Adventure Cove. Apart from the theme parks, Sentosa is also known for several activities in and out of the water – such as its beaches and big resorts. It is an ideal place for families to spend a bit of time together.


As soon as we arrived at the park, we took a left at the main entrance and headed towards the Madagascar area of the park. Madagascar is one of Noah’s favorite films – so much so that he sometimes even imitates Alex the Lion!


One of the parts that Noah enjoyed the most at Universal Studios Singapore - Madagascar!

Madagascar: A Crate Adventure was the first ride we went on. Noah had so much fun on this one that we came back several times throughout the day.


We went straight to the Enchanted Airways ride in the Far Far Away area of the park. This ride was a rollercoaster that was loads of fun for the little adrenaline-fueled dude.

Enchanted Airways rollercoaster at Universal Studios Singapore


The Shrek 4-D Adventure was a ride that Noah wasn’t sure about at first. He doesn’t like certain kinds of monsters very much, so we had to explain to him that Shrek is a nice monster. He did end up enjoying himself in the end, and ended up liking Shrek and Princess Fiona, so we promised that we’d show him the cartoon when we got back home.




All three of us really liked the Puss in Boots’ Giant Journey ride. Puss in Boots is one of our favorite cartoons, so Noah convinced himself that he wanted to go on that ride as much as humanly possible throughout the day …


We got a bit worried when we got to the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure in The Lost World area of the park. This wasn’t because we didn’t like the look of the ride, but because we realized we needed to find a way to stop the bag that had our camera in from getting wet. We probably should have left our bag in a locker but, by the time we realized this, it was too late. We didn’t end up getting too wet, and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. Water World was also very entertaining, and we got there right when the show was about to start. Noah couldn’t take his eyes off all the stunts and explosions!

At Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure at Universal Studios Singapore we had to be careful with our bad because of the water





It was just a pity that Noah wasn’t allowed to climb the wall at Amber Rock Climbing. We now know that Noah loves climbing trees and hanging off anything he can like Spiderman. Unfortunately they didn’t have shoes in his size, and I promised him that I would take him to some climbing walls once we finish our world trip.


Noah got to drive his own classic jeep at Treasure Hunters in the Ancient Egypt area. We just hope that he now doesn’t think that he can drive anything with wheels and brakes …


Revenge of the Mummy was the first ride that Noah couldn’t go on because of his height. But I went to have a go on it myself just before the park closed, so I could see what it was like. I’m not into rollercoasters that much, but this one was really fun!


There were also some rides in Sci-Fi City that Noah couldn’t go on like the two Battlestar Galactica rollercoasters.


He did, however, get to take a few photos next to them with one of the characters from Transformers.


The last two rides we went on were the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase, which Noah went on a few times, and the Lights, Camera, Action! By Steven Spielberg. We thought that this one would be too much for Noah, so in the end I went on it by myself. It was actually funny and I’m sure Noah would’ve liked the special effects used in the movies. But instead he decided to go back on some his favorite rides a few more times … 🙂





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If you have the chance, we recommend you don’t visit the park on bank holidays or during the summer holidays. That way, you have more chance of avoiding the crowds and queues.


We arrived at Universal Studios Singapore just before noon, but by 3pm we had seen almost all there was to see, with the exception of the shows and rides Noah wasn’t allowed to go on. This meant we had enough time to enjoy our favorite rides over and over … As soon as the park closed its doors, we had a walk around and decided to walk back towards the mainland. The bridge crossing wasn’t that far and was a very pleasant walk, so we had no issues with it.

What a fun day at Universal Studios Singapore!



Family Travel Secret
Even though you might save some time in the morning by going to Sentosa’s theme parks, we recommend that, if you visit, you take a walk across the bridge that connects the island to the mainland. It’s a short and easy walk and you get to see beautiful views of the bay and the sunset.


What a day of fun we had at Universal Studios Singapore! Noah was really excited with his surprise, but he was even more curious when we told him that the next 4 days would involve another nice surprise for him. If you want to find out what, then you’ll have to stay tuned for future posts.






Important facts:
When going to Universal Studios Singapore, it costs S$4 per person to catch the train from HarbourFront station to Sentosa Island. You can buy these tickets online or at the station, but you might be entitled to some form of discount if you buy them online; You can also take a cable car, but it will cost much more (around $ 33 for the round trip).ntent


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