Fun days at Legoland Malaysia and Resort

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Fun days at Legoland Malaysia and Resort

Our visit to Legoland Malaysia and Legoland Hotel, the place of Noah’s dreams, started in Singapore. It was easier and faster to get there than we could have expected.

We took at taxi from our hostel – MET a Space Pod, which was a very cool hostel by the way – to Singapore Flyer, where the buses to Legoland Malaysia depart from.

Our bed capsules at MET a Space Pod, during our stay in Singapore


We didn’t actually have a reservation for the bus, but decided to take a chance and go to the bus station directly, and half an hour later our bus was leaving lovely Singapore.

Crossing the border was easy and fast. After just over 1 hour’s drive, we were less than a kilometer from Legoland Malaysia Resort and we could already see the building and both parks. That’s when Noah’s excitement increased, and his happy face was clear to see.

Click to learn more about our experience at Legoland Waterpark and at the hotel.



We spent that day enjoying the hotel, the pool, and the games on offer, as the next day we had tickets for Legoland Malaysia and Legoland Waterpark.

Our first day at Legoland Malaysia Resort was enjoying the hotel which offers plenty of things to do with kids


We couldn't wait to spend the days at Legoland Malaysia Waterpark

Two crazy days at Legoland Malaysia Park and Waterpark

We actually enjoyed both parks in one day, but we’ve split this article into two parts so it’s easier to read.


The park is located about one minute’s walk from the entrance of the hotel. There was no queue to enter Legoland Malaysia Park, nor in fact most of the attractions; we were even able to enjoy some of the major ones with practically no queue, probably because the school holidays were over and we went in the middle of the week. This was the opposite of our experiences at Disney and Legoland in Florida, where sometimes (especially at Disney) we had to wait for more than an hour to enjoy an attraction.


Right at the entrance there are a few shops selling Lego products, but we wasted no time and went straight to the first attraction.



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We think that in the peak of summer the park must be a bit crowded – perhaps not overcrowded, but you would definitely have to wait for some time in the queues to enjoy the attractions. We were there after the school holidays and the end of summer, so we waited no longer than 5 minutes for each attraction, even the main ones.


The attractions at Legoland Malaysia Park

The 3 of us were desperate to go to the first attraction, especially Noah, who had been waiting for this moment since Legoland Florida about 4 months before.


Junior Driving School: Noah loves pretending to drive, so he was at home in the driving seat of the small cars that go at maybe 5 km/hr. He enjoyed it so much that he went 3 times in a row, and there was no one else waiting. Because he is 4 he could enjoy this attraction (for ages 3-5), whereas he was not able to enjoy the one next door, the Driving School (for ages 6-13).

One of the passions of Noah is driving :), so at Junior Driving School he was at home

One of the passions of Noah is driving :), so at Junior Driving School he was at home


We didn’t take the Legoland Express train that circles the park, but this is very useful for those who don’t feel like walking too much 🙂

At Lego Rescue Academy, Ruth and I had to suffer a bit as we had to push the fire truck while Noah enjoyed the run. In the end he got to put out the “fire” with “real water”. It was a real treat for him.


It was just a pity that we couldn’t go to Dino Island, because Noah was just shorter than the minimum height allowed. He was really looking forward to this one as he had seen something similar at Disney in Florida, but unfortunately we couldn’t convince the guy that was in charge of this attraction.



Technic Twister and Project X were another 2 attractions that he could not go on due to height restrictions.



But there were another two that he wanted to go on once, twice, and three times in a row: The Dragon’s Apprentice and The Dragon, two rollercoasters that gave him an adrenaline rush!

Entering the castle at Legoland Malaysia for The Dragon


To chill out a bit, Noah went on Merlin’s Challenge 3 times in a row, since there was no queue. He really enjoyed pretending to be a knight.

One of Noah's favourites at Legoland Malaysia Resort: Merlin’s Challenge


The Lego Star Wars was also pretty cool, as we could see miniature models from the 6 episodes of Star Wars.

Just as cool as the Miniland, representing many attractions and places around the world.

Miniland at Legoland Malaysia Resort

Miniland at Legoland Malaysia Resort




After that, we just enjoyed all the other attractions together without rushing, since we had plenty of time, like Flying School or the Adventure attractions.




On the first day we spent the last hour in the park inside the Imagination area (as we had done in Florida), where we spent the whole time building structures and cars with Lego.

Imagination at Legoland Malaysia Resort

Imagination at Legoland Malaysia Resort

Imagination at Legoland Malaysia Resort

We had such fun days at Legoland Malaysia Resort, in the hotel and in both parks – days we will never forget.



Important facts:
Buses from Singapore to Legoland usually depart in the morning and cost about $12 each way, per person; We used a company called WTS Travel – a company authorized by Lego – and it takes the same route every morning; It takes about 1.5–2.5 hours to get from Singapore to Legoland, depending on the traffic and how long you have to wait at the immigration point between Singapore and Malaysia.


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