Ibis Styles KL Fraser Business Park, our experience

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Ibis Styles KL Fraser Business Park, our experience

One of the things that I loved about the ibis Styles KL Fraser Business Park, and the same could be said for any other ibis Styles hotel anywhere in the world, is the vivid color, conviviality and stylish design. I remember regular ibis hotels always had nice design and decoration with red and grey colors, but during this trip we’ve had the chance to stay in a few other hotels with the brand ibis Styles. And we really love the colorful design that make you feel at home.


But of course, that’s not the only advantage of the ibis Styles KL Fraser Business Park. The location is also an advantage, close to a LRT station.

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The hotel is conveniently located just a few minutes away from a train station – Chan Sow Lin LRT – and you don’t even need to cross the street to get there. From the station there’s an underpass that leads to the hotel.

From that station you can easily reach the city center or take a connection to the international airport. We are a family travelling the world, and we therefore have to carry quite a lot of luggage. It is important to find places that are easily accessible or near train stations.

Our room at ibis Styles KL Fraser Business Park

As we would expect from such an important hotel chain like Accor, we were really well received by our host, Khairul. He provided all the information we needed for our stay and immediately assigned someone to help us with our belongings.


Our room had a great view. Located on the 12th floor, we could see many of the tall buildings around Kuala Lumpur.


It was also big enough for the 3 of us, with a queen-size bed and a comfortable sofa bed that we left for Noah. There was a large desk that we used at night to work on the pictures and blog while Noah slept.


Aside from that it had the normal amenities that a nice brand such as ibis Styles has to offer, such as a kettle, toiletries in the private bathroom with shower, a large TV with several channels, etc. We also had a mini bar and an iPod dock available to us.


The other types of rooms are basically the same (in terms of size and amenities), with the only differences being the type of bed (double or twin) and the views.



Our food experience and the restaurant at the hotel

We arrived at the hotel much later than expected, and we still had an appointment with the Commercial Director, Mr. Jerome Wong. We met him at the restaurant for a nice chat, during which we talked a bit about our trip and plans for the future. It was a very pleasant discussion. He also gave us some recommendations for Malaysia, but unfortunately we only had 2 days left in the country and still needed to visit Kuala Lumpur.



We then met Tony, a very friendly man, who is the head chef and person responsible for the restaurant. He explained the improvements they are making to the kitchen and the dishes on offer. That’s when Jerome and Tony offered us the Indian menu with meat, rice, spices, etc.


Everything was delicious and we’d fully recommend that option to anyone staying at the ibis Styles KL Fraser Business Park. Even Noah, who most of the time doesn’t enjoy anything he hasn’t tried before, enjoyed our lunch.


The next morning we got to try the breakfast buffet. There were quite a few choices for cold and warm dishes, so we ordered our omelet and enjoyed the bread, croissants, fruit, juices, etc.






There was a station with Indian dishes too but, even though we’ve been in Asia for more than 2 months, we haven’t got used to having heavy meals in the morning. We prefer to eat just enough to have energy till lunch time or until we stop to eat during the day.




The next day we tried the restaurant again, but this time we ordered our food and ate upstairs.


Other services and facilities at the hotel

The hotel has one area that was Noah’s favorite. We knew that there was a games room for kids, but we didn’t know that it was conveniently located right next to the restaurant.



That was perfect for us as Noah could enjoy playing while we waited for the food. The children’s playroom had toys and a TV showing some cartoons. Again Noah took the opportunity to watch some TV while we waited for the dishes.


In the same floor than the restaurant there are some pcto check on internet.


Just by reception there was The Zen Spa, offering many services such as Balinese Massages, Foot Reflexology, Facial treatments, etc. It’s a nice way to relax your body and mind during your stay.


On the 5th floor there was a self-service laundry. That was great. With many clothes to wash we asked if there was a laundry nearby, and they told us that there was one on-site, so we were able to wash and dry our clothes in just a few hours.

Finally, the hotel has a shuttle service that takes guests to KLCC, where the Petronas Towers are located. This was perfect for us as we were dropped off at the towers and then started exploring the city from there.


The ibis Styles Kuala Lumpur Fraser Business Park was the ideal place for us to explore Kuala Lumpur from during those 2 full days of our stay. Convenience, comfort, delicious food and some privacy was all we needed for a couple of nights.


Thanks Mr. Pantlia and Mr. Wong for having us at the hotel and to the whole staff who treated us so well.

ibis Styles KL Fraser Business Park

Address: Kompleks Metro Pudu (metro Mall), 1 Jalan Metro Pudu 2, 55200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60 39232 8588

Family Travel Secrets stayed at ibis Styles Kuala Lumpur Fraser Business Park as guests. All opinions and the oodles of pictures remain our own.



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