Our trip from Bangkok to Sukhothai by bus

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Our trip from Bangkok to Sukhothai by bus

Friday, 2:30am. We have just arrived in Sukhothai, after a 7-hour journey Bangkok Sukhothai by bus. We have a small issue: we don’t have a hotel reservation for (the rest of) the night. We went to the bus station in Bangkok with the intention of taking the latest bus possible – in order to spend the night on the road, arrive in Sukhothai fresh and explore a bit of the city –

The bus of our trip Bangkok Sukhothai was comfortable enough for us to get some rest from the night trip

We let Noah watch a little bit of his cartoons, and it didn’t take long until he fell asleep with his mother. I stayed awake for a little bit longer trying to catch up with the blog but eventually I also fell asleep. It took a few hours until we arrived, but it felt like I only slept for 5 minutes. That’s when we were told that we’d arrived in Sukhothai.

At such a late hour there were only a couple of tuk tuk drivers anxiously waiting to rip-off unknowing tourists.

We are tourists, but luckily we aren’t unaware of the facts. After 8 months on the road and crossing several countries we can humbly say that we know a thing or two about dealing with taxi drivers and the like. One thing that we’ve learnt is that in some countries drivers can be very ambitious when it comes to the fare they want to charge, and we’ve also learnt how to say “no, thank you, we’d rather pay the fare for locals”.


One of them initially offered to charge us 300 bahts for the journey. I offered 100 (we know that you need to counter-offer low, to give them some space to negotiate), and eventually he accepted 180, which is a bit more like what I’d been thinking. But at that time and for a 10km journey it seemed like a good deal for both parties. So there we were, at almost 3am, in a tuk tuk with the wind blowing our hair, after a 7-hour Bangkok Sukhothai bus journey. Thank God this is not a cold country, otherwise we could easily have frozen in that rickshaw!

At those late hours in Sukhothai we had nothing else to do apart from taking a tuk tuk to our hotel

When we got to the hotel I asked if there was a room available for that night, and unfortunately there wasn’t. We really didn’t want to start searching for somewhere at such a late hour, but before we said anything the staff kindly offered to let us stay on the couch at reception until the morning. By then the supervisor would be available and could perhaps arrange early check in for us.

We were happy with that as the couches were really comfortable and the place seemed to be safe. So in the middle of the night, the three of us were taking a nap in a hotel reception. This wasn’t a situation we’d faced on the trip so far.


At around 5:30am the supervisor arrived and quickly arranged a place for us. She didn’t charge us for that half night of course, but was kind enough to arrange a very, very early check in. That means that there had been rooms available when we arrived, so I guess that either her staff didn’t have the authority to let us check in at that time, or they didn’t understand that we had a reservation for the following night.




It doesn’t matter anymore though, as we spent the rest of the morning resting in the comfort of our room without any plans for the day. That’s right, no plans at all, apart from enjoying the hotel swimming pool and resting. It was a good start after a long Bangkok Sukhothai bus journey.



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