Wat Phra That Doi Temple in Chiang Mai

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Wat Phra That Doi Temple in Chiang Mai

One thing is clear – there are few temples in the world like the ones in Thailand (or at least that’s true of the ones we came across, such as Wat Phra That Doi Temple, and we aren’t just talking about a couple … 🙂 ).


Wat Phra That Doi Temple was high on my list of things to do in Chiang Mai. What I hadn’t banked on though was the prices that would be charged in such a touristy area as this Thai city …

Wat Phra That Doi Temple

After having asked in several places I had given up on being able to visit it, because whether as part of an organized tour, privately or on our own it seemed expensive and inaccessible. But then on the very last morning, when we were about to leave Chiang Mai, a driver offered me the return trip for 300 bahts … Obviously I didn’t have much time to consider his quick (and presumably lucrative) proposal.


After having visited the Maetaeng Elephant Park, we headed towards Wat Phra That Doi Temple, a temple built in 1929. An hour and a bit of walking at 2pm would make anyone feel sleepy, and poor Noah didn’t take long to flake out …

Elephant camp in Chiang Mai

When we arrived at the area where the temple is I was honestly excited and really hoped that, even though it was 3:30pm, the temple would still have sufficient natural light.


We found ourselves at the foot of a lengthy staircase guarded by two ferocious dragons – which Noah started to examine, of course 🙂 There were also some girls dress in traditional colorful outfits, which have become so famous on the internet in recent times.



Family Travel Secret
A few months ago, while on a trip to Thailand, a pair of tourists reported that the woman had lost her watch. Looking over their photos, they realized that one of these girls seemed to be casually fiddling with the watch strap while the woman had her photo taken with two girls … As my father always says, if in doubt, “Don’t trust anyone.”


 To get to the area where the gold pagoda is you have to take your shoes off and cover yourself, thereby showing respect for this sacred place. After complying with these few requirements we entered, and what a wonderful sight!!! It’s incredible what humans can create!!! Above us the afternoon sun sparkled on the gold structures with a marvelous blue sky as a backdrop.






Noah is already used to the image of Buddha and his different positions, and he immediately said to me, “Mom, there’s Buddha … We have to be silent,” which we did 🙂



We walked around the pagoda and saw some of its altars. Noah bowed to one of them and then– after I told him that we are Christians and therefore we shouldn’t go up to those altars, mainly to allow Buddhists to pray in peace – he thought for a second and confessed to me that “I want to be Buddhist, I like Buddha.” How can you argue with that? 🙂












We left the pagoda area and between bells and temples we arrived at a terrace, from where Chiang Mai and its mountainous horizon can be seen in all their glory.







The temple had given Noah and me a beautiful day (remember that we’re here during the rainy season), but now it was time to return to the hotel to meet Fabio and get to the train station.






Next stop: Bangkok (again) 🙂

Important facts:
Return journey from Chiang Mai to the temple: 300 bahts. Organized tours cost around 700 bahts; Entry to the Wat Phra That Doi Temple for foreigners: from 30 bahts per adult; To get from the bus stop to the hotel in central Chiang Mai by tuk tuk, we paid 80 bahts; To get from the hotel to the train station in a red truck (the normal mode of transport here), we paid 100 bahts.



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