How to get from Bangkok to Siem Reap

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How to get from Bangkok to Siem Reap

On a map, Bangkok and Siem Reap (where Angkor Wat is located) are pretty much in a straight line, so initially we thought it would be quite simple to connect these two destinations … But it’s not always as simple as Google Maps implies, and the reality of the situation (as well as its complications 🙂 ) soon becomes apparent.

Fortunately we came across an agency that could give us information and in some cases sell more affordable and reliable options (which we know now that we’ve done it …). The most comfortable, easiest and simplest way to get to Siem Reap is by plane, but at this point on our trip we are aware that it isn’t the cheapest and we need all the help and creativity we can get 🙂 .

Our next thought was to go by train, but it turns out that there is no direct route, so we also discarded that option. And finally, we had the bus option. We were lucky that, just the week before, the company from where we bought our tickets had started to run a night route connecting Bangkok to Siem Reap (Angkor Wat), and with Noah we prefer to travel long distances overnight so that he doesn’t get too bored.

Our Bangkok to Siem Reap bus journey to visit Angkor Wat

We waited at the train station until it closed and then looked for a hotel where they would kindly allow us to sit in reception until 1:25 in the morning. A minivan picked us up from the Hua Lamphong train station at 1:30am and took us to the bus station. They offered us water and a blanket so that we would be as comfortable as possible during the night and the long journey.


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We recommend that you look for a place to wait until the early hours, as the train station closes at 11pm (meaning that from 10:30pm they start vacating it) and for many reasons it isn't the best (or safest) place to wait.

Crossing the border was a bit strange and surreal. We were all half asleep, but the bus staff offered to fill out all the forms for us so we could get the necessary visas comfortably without having to be there!! We paid $40 each ($35 for the visa and $5 for administrative costs, plus two photos each).



Half an hour later we were already leaving the border crossing point. The way from the border to Siem Reap is breathtaking… very beautiful country… 🙂






They dropped us off at the Old Market, which would also be the collection point for the return trip. The only difference between the outward journey and the return is that on the Thai border we had to get off the bus and put all our bags through a scanner, which took a lot more time.


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The journey from Bangkok to Siem Reap takes 8 hours, but the return journey (which departs at 12:30am) can last up to 13 and a half hours because of the crossing into Thailand. The border doesn't open until 6 or 7am, and then you have to add the queues and the 4-hour journey from the border to Bangkok.



Good thing we booked our train to go to Koh Tao for 6:30pm. Definitely don’t book anything for before 3pm, to make sure you don’t lose your money.

Important facts:
Departure time from Bangkok: 1:30am. Arrival time in Siem Reap: 10am; Departure time from Siem Reap: 12:30am. Arrival time in Bangkok: 1:50pm.


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