Elegant Angkor Resort & Spa in Siem Reap, our experience

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Elegant Angkor Resort & Spa in Siem Reap, our experience

Elegance, ambience and tranquility … I think those 3 words sum up our experience at Elegant Angkor Resort & Spa. What an experience! This is a brand new hotel located in Siem Reap, and it was our base for visiting the historical city of Angkor Wat.

A very detailed mini model of Angkor Wat right inside the property of Elegant Angkor Resort & Spa

We knew that this was an upscale hotel, but were surprised by every inch of the property and especially the quiet surrounding area. The hotel opened its doors just 3 months before our visit and we could tell that the management is striving to make this a very special place.


Speaking of the surrounding area, it was also noticeable that the hotel is in an unexplored setting with very few houses around, which explains the peaceful environment.

Once we’d been greeted by our host Reaksmey upon our arrival we were shown the hotel’s facilities and then our fabulous room, one of the 25 available in the hotel.

Elegant Angkor Resort & Spa is in a very peaceful surrounding area

Our room at Elegant Angkor Resort & Spa

We were given the Executive Suite located just in front of the swimming pool. Our room was full of space, with beautiful wooden floors and an enormous bath.

The bath in our room at Elegant Angkor Resort & Spa was enormous

We had a king-size bed, but as they knew we were coming with Noah they were kind enough to provide us with an extra single bed. The room was so big that even with the extra bed there was a lot of space for us to store our luggage and space for Noah to play on the floor.



It was an open-plan bedroom, and in addition to the beds there was a sitting area just next to the TV, a very large bath and 2 basins (so I didn’t need to fight Ruth for the sink 🙂 ).

The huge bath in our Executive room at Elegant Angkor Resort & Spa

Behind a closed door, there was a toilet and a shower.

As you might expect in a luxury hotel like this, there were slippers, robes – that we used to go to the swimming pool – and toiletries.


In the cupboard for our clothes we even found an iron and ironing board, which was great as it’s been few weeks since we ironed our clothes 🙂 .

We didn’t use the private garden, which was just the other side of a glass door, very much at all, but this was mainly because we spent a lot of time by the pool.

Our private garden / terrace at Elegant Angkor Resort & Spa in Siem Reap

the swimming pool at Elegant Angkor Resort & Spa in Siem Reap was also very nice and warm

We also had the chance to visit the other two types of room at the hotel:

Deluxe Suite – similar to ours, but with a smaller bath and just one basin; and




Royal Suite – with a smaller bath too, but with a private swimming pool.





Other facilities at Elegant Angkor Resort & Spa

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The highlight was without question the large swimming pool surrounded by the other suites of the hotel. At night (yes, we had time by the pool in the dark …), when it wasn’t as warm as during the day, the water temperature was just perfect. Not hot, not cold, and when we left the pool we didn’t get that sensation of coldness. That’s probably because the pool was made from stones that absorbed the warmth of the day and kept the pool at a nice temperature during the first few hours of the night.



Even at late hours the temperature of the pool at Elegant Angkor Resort & Spa in Siem Reap was just perfect

It was also ideal for Noah to practice the swimming skills he’s gained over the past few months in Indonesia and Thailand. When he was in the mood for a swim he’d go to the deep end, and when was tired would go to the shallow end.


Next to the pool there was a bar – the Sakor Pool. Many guests ordered wine and drank by the pool. At dusk it was a nice feeling to drink next to the pool in those quiet surroundings.


As the hotel is new, there were some ongoing developments in the facilities that we were not able to enjoy, but the efforts of the whole staff to make us feel comfortable and enjoy our stay at this luxury hotel in Siem Reap were noticeable.

The whole staff at Elegant Angkor Resort & Spa in Siem Reap was very helpful and professional

To start with, they were working on another bar, in the format of a lounge, located upstairs from the Sakor Pool. The lounge will be called Coconut Lounge and it should give guests another very nice environment where they can relax.


The gym and the spa with sauna are two of the other facilities that should be ready very soon (the ETA is later in November). To compensate for this (again, in an effort to make guests enjoy the property as it currently stands), the hotel offers massage treatments in the room, either on the bed or on a massage table that they can bring. We were offered a massage session and truly enjoyed the treatment, but we will go into more detail in a separate article.


Family Travel Secret
Just next to the Deluxe Suites there is a very nice miniature replica of Angkor Wat, which must have taken a lot of work to build.

the miniature replica of Angkor Wat inside the property of Elegant Angkor Resort & Spa in Siem Reap



Dining at the hotel

We will be quick here, because we’re also preparing a separate article. Our food experience at Kasen Restaurant at Elegant Angkor Resort & Spa was truly enjoyable and we’d rather give more details about our breakfast and dinners at the hotel in our next post.




Final comments about Elegant Angkor Resort & Spa

The hotel is truly a gem in Siem Reap and certainly one of the best places that a visitor can stay when spending a few days in the city. For those who are only coming for Angkor Wat, we’d advise staying two additional days to enjoy the tranquility and the facilities at the hotel. One of the really positive features of the hotel was the care and professionalism of the whole staff – reception, massage therapists, restaurant, room service, etc. They really went the extra mile to make us feel at home.




Thanks Mr. Visa for having us at your beautiful hotel and the whole staff for the excellent services provided throughout our stay.

Family Travel Secrets stayed at Elegant Angkor Resort & Spa as guests. All opinions and the oodles of pictures remain our own.


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