Miracle Garden in Dubai

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Miracle Garden in Dubai

After two days feeling like zombies in Dubai (there’s an explanation for that – Noah had a raging fever and when we realized that we couldn’t manage it ourselves we took him to hospital. It’s a good thing we have insurance for this type of emergency …), I finally got the opportunity to go to Miracle Garden, another place I’d chosen as one of the most important to visit in the UAE.

A panoramic view of the Miracle Garden in Dubai

I believe that you can get to the Miracle Garden on bus 105, which departs from the Mall of the Emirates, but as we had already “lost” two days without visiting anything I took a taxi. It dropped me at the entrance and I could immediately see some of the flowery figures.

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Miracle Garden is the world's largest natural flower garden (72.000 m² and 109 million flowers planted) and it was launched in Valentines Day in 2013.

I walked around the various corridors of the Miracle Garden and quickly reached an Emirates Airways plane covered in flowers. Later there was a boat and then a panel with two women’s heads.

In the middle of the Miracle Garden there is a sort of hill-viewpoint from where you can see the whole garden.

I especially liked the corridors with suspended umbrellas because, as well as being very colorful, they provided a refreshing atmosphere.

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I arrived at the Miracle Garden at 9:10am (on 28th November - winter) and initially it was a bit cloudy, so the walk was pleasant. However by 10am the sky had cleared completely and it really became quite hot. I don't even want to imagine what it would have been like if I'd been there at the time of day when the sun is strongest 🙂 ... Winter in Dubai isn't the winter we all know.


Another part I enjoyed a lot was an area full of houses with all kinds of flowers and colors. To get to them you have to go down a path with some canopies in the shape of a heart. Some of the things in the garden are really very feminine 🙂

Among all the flowers, corridors and small lakes there are several figures of animals such as parrots, butterflies and dragonflies.

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To be honest the variety of flowers and their exoticism wasn't as impressive as I'd hoped, but you have to bear in mind that this garden has been built and is maintained in the middle of the desert, so given the circumstances it has a lot to admire.


After just over an hour and a half walking around Miracle Garden, I caught a taxi and returned to the hotel to try to make the most of the day.

Next stop: Aquarium and Dubai Mall!

Important facts:
Regular city taxi for around 10 kilometers: 27 UAE. Limousine taxi for around 10 kilometers: 63 UAE (this still hurts me :)). Adult ticket: 40 UAE (children aged 3 to 12 pay 30 UAE). A nice, leisurely walk can last at least an hour and a half to two hours.


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