Sunrise in the desert of Dubai

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Sunrise in the desert of Dubai

9 months of travelling … At 4am on the last day I ask myself, “What am I doing up at this hour???” Well the answer is simple … Yesterday Fábio was doing some shopping at Dubai Mall while Noah and I were down at the aquarium, when suddenly he called me and said, “Tomorrow morning you’re going to see the sunrise in the desert. They’ll pick you up at 4:30am.” 🙂 🙂

So there I was, waiting at reception at 4:30am when Mohammad arrived. I hopped in the car and two Canadians were already sitting there: Stephanie and Patrick. After almost an hour’s drive (we were just a few kilometers from the border with Oman), Mohammad told us that we were going to drive through the dunes (I guess to look for a good place to watch the sunrise in the desert).

Family Travel Secret
Dubai is located within the Arabic Desert, that covers an area of 2.330.000 km².

The “ride” consisted of continuously going up and down the dunes … In a way it was pretty fun, until Patrick started to feel sick :O After about 20 minutes of zigzagging we arrived at the top of a dune and the sunrise in the desertwas patiently waiting for us, so we took some cool photos.

Family Travel Secret
The sand in the desert in Dubai is a deep red colour and its texture is very fine.


Finally the moment we had been waiting for arrived and a big red ball of fire appeared among the clouds on the horizon …

After the sunrise in the desert we continued our excursion, going to another part of the desert in Dubai where we had a short ride on a camel. It was interesting to ride one again after so many years, but of course the experience of doing it in a real desert was nice, and even more so because it was very short. The poor camels didn’t have to carry us for too long …


To be honest at the time my mind was focused more on what I had to do to finish packing than anything else. When I got to the room Fábio was still lying down with a terrible headache, so when I finished getting our luggage together we caught a taxi to the airport.

Ruth thanking her friend during the sunrise in the desert in Dubai

Family Travel Secret
If you want to save money on taxis when you're in Dubai, use official taxis (although obviously public transport is cheaper). The taxi limo alternative (which is metered, but doesn't have any sort of logo on the outside of the car) can work out significantly more expensive, and you don't particularly get anything extra for the money ... :O

After this amazing sunrise in the desert with a camel ride, our next stop, and final destination: Tenerife!


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