Family Travel Secrets and a little downtime to recover our strength

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Family Travel Secrets and a little downtime to recover our strength

January is almost gone but it seems a perfect month to say goodbye, although it might seem like a contradiction. That’s why we wish you a wonderful 2017 full of adventures around the world or in your own country… There are many places to discover, and sometimes they’re closer than you think 🙂

Back in February 2016 we started the great adventure which we’d been consciously preparing for for at least two years. With a mix of fear and excitement we sold almost all of our belongings and went the whole hog, deciding to give our lives new direction. With that decision we “dragged” our son out into the treacherous, evil world – or that’s what the news would have had us believe.

Ten months later (we finished our trip early December) we’ve realized that things haven’t changed that much in the world (when you watch or read the news, the world they focus on is just as upside down and topsy-turvy as it was when we began our trip), nor in our immediate environment … Other people’s children are a bit more grown up and we’ve “just” added one more experience to the list of things we’ve lived through and will live through.

Nowadays, one year later, we’re still Fábio, Noah and Ruth … No better, no more spiritual; no fatter, no skinnier. We continue to be ourselves, we appreciate others in the same way as we did last year and our ideas are just as clear, although maybe we have a slightly more real view of the diversity that the world has to offer.

Those ten months on the road have given us a unique opportunity, with all their pros and cons, comings and goings, and well-planned things as well as spontaneous surprises … This journey has been a concentration of everything that normal life is (or should be), sometimes with photos and other times not: responsibilities, but enjoying them; work, but fun at the same time. Nothing is easy in this life; nothing, not even the lives of others (even if they may seem to be) 🙂

There have been lots of experiences, from leaving La Paz (Bolivia) amidst a strike and having to change buses in the desert (literally!!) in the middle of the night, with the unique shadow of a snow-topped volcano in the background. We traveled by overnight train several times in China. The first time we didn’t go for the bed option and we became the main attraction for all the travelers, who gathered around our two seats with laughter and curiosity. We were surprised how eco-sustainable, modern and profitable a city can (and should) be in Singapore. We were amazed by the contrasting colors and poverty in India, while it suffered from one of the greatest economic crises the country has ever faced. And on more than one occasion we were angry at how many taxi drivers were trying to shamelessly scam us.

Well, those ten months are over and the summary is unique, from the landscapes and places we visited to the experiences we lived through, the new acquaintances we made along the way, the friends we hadn’t seen for such a long time and, of course, that time as a family that no-one can take away from us now.

Coming to the end of this goodbye to our world trip (although we want it to be a “see you later”), maybe I have changed in some way … I love the possibility of discovering this world, but at the end of the day I’m glad to return home, see family and friends, and above all spend a bit of time with them … Although in the end I didn’t talk to them about what those ten months of our lives meant, because what I will go on to experience and what I’ll plan will always be much better.

That is why we want to share with you our desire and work to expand our blog, because when you get a taste for travelling, then you can’t live without it … And although being able to go on a second trip around the world will require organization and time once again, we don’t want to stop telling the stories of our adventures in the new places which will become our daily surroundings over the coming months and years. So we will continue our idea of helping you with useful articles about traveling as a family, alone or as a couple, on a long journey or a short one, so don’t go anywhere. There will be more – much more 🙂 🙂

Many thanks for the support we received from you throughout our entire trip. Without a doubt those messages you sometimes sent us made the experience even more interesting and worthwhile.

And of course, don’t stop following us – we’re already preparing more surprises for the next few weeks. Meanwhile enjoy our latest articles about the world trip as well as the new articles about our post-world adventures.


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