An Italian night at Restaurante Velho Madalosso

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An Italian night at Restaurante Velho Madalosso

An Italian night at Restaurante Velho Madalosso in the green capital: Curitiba

We are back in my hometown for a few days to unpack, re-pack and re-plan the trip after the South American phase of our round-the-world project.

Of course we are also taking time to enjoy being with our family and friends, although there’s not much time to see all of them.

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Apart from that, we have also done something that has become a tradition when we come to Brazil and specifically Curitiba: go for an Italian night at the Restaurante Velho Madalosso.


A bit about the Restaurante Velho Madalosso

The restaurant is located in the traditional neighborhood of Santa Felicidade and it is one of the most sought-after places by visitors coming to Curitiba to enjoy the parks and the attractions.

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The Restaurante Velho Madalosso belongs to the traditional Madalosso family that also owns other establishments in the city, such as the Madalosso restaurant (the biggest restaurant in South America) and Dom Antonio (another huge restaurant, but also serving delicious dishes).


After decades in the city (it has been there for more than 50 years) and as part of the history of Santa Felicidade and Curitiba, this restaurant always tries to go the extra mile for their customers and continues to be a reference point in Brazil’s cuisine.


 Spending some time trying the dishes at the restaurants belonging to the Madalosso family is guaranteed to be a great experience, with a perfect atmosphere and delicious food.

Velho Madalosso is even better on Sunday nights, when they put on an Italian night with the amazing tenors and our friends Paulo Barato and Marcia Kaiser.



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Paulo and Marcia have been playing at Velho Madalosso for many years, almost every Sunday. They are one of the great secrets of this great restaurant, and they have also played several gigs around Brazil and sometimes even outside the country. The couple's repertoire (they are a real couple 🙂 ) is enormous and visitors will enjoy everything from the traditional Italian Tarantella to the classic opera of famous singers such as Andrea Bocelli.


With time, Restaurante Velho Madalosso has evolved, created the first climatized wine cellar in Curitiba, recently launched the pure malt beer Madalosso, expanded its halls, created an outdoor deck to accommodate more comfortably their guests and adapted the place to receive events like weddings, parties, etc.



The dishes served at Restaurante Velho Madalosso

Another great thing about Restaurante Velho Madalosso is that as soon as you sit, there’s always an experienced waiter ready to serve your dishes. So if you are hungry, as long as you find a table quickly, you don’t have to wait long for some of the dishes to arrive in front of you.


The restaurant uses the “Rodizio” together with «all-you-can-eat» systems, where waiters come around the tables with different pastas and meats, so you always get to try a bit of everything.



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This is an Italian restaurant which specializes in pasta, so as you will imagine you will be served the right amount of Italian sauce with perfectly-cooked Italian pasta, showcasing the variety of Italian cuisine. One dish that I always have to have is the “Lasagna al Sugo” (with red sauce) as well as the “Lasagna na Manteiga” (with butter). They simply melt in your mouth.



Probably because meat is also a traditional dish in Brazil, the Rodizio system there includes some cuts too.


To finish off the culinary experience at Restaurante Madalosso, one thing that we never ever miss is dessert (if we are clever enough to leave some space for this course … 🙂 ). Again, typical desserts from Italy are on offer, such as mousse, ice-cream, profiteroles, etc.

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Great food, great atmosphere, great music – a great Italian night in Curitiba. As usual, we will come back to Restaurante Velho Madalosso on our next visit to Curitiba.

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Restaurante Velho Madalosso

Avenida Manoel Ribas, 5852 Santa Felicidade

Curitiba – Paraná Brazil

+55 41 3273 1014


Important facts:
When coming to Restaurante Madalosso for an Italian night, make sure you come before 8pm so you get a good table, close to the singers; The restaurant doesn’t take reservations on Sundays evening, so the first to come is the first to sit.


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