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Japan Rail Pass, our experience

Japan Rail Pass has made our lives really easy while travelling through this fascinating country. We have truly enjoyed the experience of travelling using this pass and there are many more pros than cons, including the convenience and the simple fact that we reached several cities from north to south during those 2 weeks that […]

The fascinating Kyoto temples and gardens

By now we have realized that, with so many Kyoto temples, gardens, historical houses, as well as other important landmarks to be seen,  Kyoto is the ideal city in Japan for exploring a world of rich and fascinating history. We had a glance on our first day, but by now we can confirm that the […]

First days in Tokyo and Japan with JR Pass

Japan, and of course Tokyo, was the destination that I wanted to visit the most along with Nepal and New Zealand. Unfortunately the last 2 will not be possible in this trip, but they are on the top list for the 2nd world trip in few years’ time. But we are in Japan… so we […]

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