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After the sunrise, the big circuit at Angkor Wat…

When you buy the three-day ticket (if time permits that’s the best way to go) you can do what we did: visit the ruins of Angkor Wat at dawn and then go to other temples that probably won’t be so full of people, as everyone will be in the main one at that time of […]

Wat Phra That Doi Temple in Chiang Mai

One thing is clear – there are few temples in the world like the ones in Thailand (or at least that’s true of the ones we came across, such as Wat Phra That Doi Temple, and we aren’t just talking about a couple … 🙂 ). Wat Phra That Doi Temple was high on my […]

Bali’s Temples – part II

As we said in our first post dedicated to Bali’s temples, there are over a thousand «official» temples on the island, so once you realize that you can’t see them all it’s easier to enjoy the ones that you can/want to visit. Click here in case you missed the 1st part of our posts about […]

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