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Returning to La Paz 20 years later …

The first and only time I have been to La Paz was with a boy scouts group, and the city was just a stop-off on our hike along the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. My memory of the city is that there’s a huge valley with the city in the middle and with fantastic views. The first time the mountains around […]

Trip to Puno and visiting the Uros Islands

We had a very pleasant trip to Puno, where we would later visit the Uros Islands. Our bus, provided by the company Turismo Mer, was very comfortable and the long journey was made short as we slept for almost the whole journey. The only inconvenience was the wrong information which we were given by the agent who […]

Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel: Our experience

Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel – this is one of those places where you want to be when you opt for a luxury hotel surrounded by nature. We were lucky enough to be there and to have an amazing experience during our visit to Machu Picchu. Located just 7-10 minutes from the train station, the […]

Belmond Sanctuary Lodge: Our visit and food experience

After an amazing morning exploring the ruins of the Inca city of Machu Picchu we stopped by the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge – a hotel which opened in 2001 with the Belmond flag. We were kindly invited to taste their delicious dishes over lunch and to go on a full tour of the hotel. This is […]

Machu Picchu: the mystery and inheritance of a fascinating civilization

The sacred city of Machu Picchu … It was the second time I’d been there. The first time was more than 20 years ago, and it felt different then. The reason was that I had accomplished the 4-day Inca Trail with some friends from my boy scout group. The journey was beautiful: the landscapes, the local […]

Inkaterra La Casona: Our visit

We were given the opportunity to visit the Inkaterra La Casona hotel in Cusco. This is part of the luxury Inkaterra chain and it is an exclusive hotel very near to the Plaza de Armas, at the heart of this ancient Peruvian city. The Inkaterra La Casona is the first boutique hotel and first Relais […]

Exploring Colca Canyon and enjoying the condors

Thursday, 3:30am … We are awake and waiting for a van to pick us up and take us to the deepest (or second deepest?) canyon in the world – Colca Canyon. Noah is in an extremely good mood, despite the time, and we are about to visit the place we have most been looking forward to in this […]

Arequipa and tour de Campiña

After a pleasant stay in Lima with our friends Ben and Susana, we started our “solo“ South American tour and the first phase of our round-the-world project in Arequipa. Lima is a great place to visit, full of historic buildings and monuments, and our last impression of this fantastic city was about the amazing cuisine that […]

Lima and its historical center

Once you get to Lima you realize that this is a city full of contrasts. We could see that in the couple of weeks with our friends Ben and Susana. This monster city – with about 10 million people inhabiting it – boasts culture and architecture from the times of Francisco Pizarro as well as the chaotic […]

Restaurant Panchita: our experience

The food and restaurants in Lima, such as the Restaurante Panchita, are simply marvelous and Limeños are obsessed with food. No wonder the capital of Peru has so many award-winning restaurants and such world-renowned cuisine. It’s good for the locals and even better for visitors. One of the most famous chefs in the world has several […]

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