Roca Nivaria Hotel in Tenerife

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Roca Nivaria Hotel in Tenerife

After two weeks of Noah not seeing Fabio, we thought it would be a wonderful idea to spend a carefree day at a hotel in the south of the island… Roca Nivaria Hotel in Tenerife offered everything we wanted for a quiet stay as a family.

We arrived at noon and after checking in we headed to our room (Suite Superior), which had an extremely spacious double room with a bathroom and a living room where they had prepared a bed for Noah, as well as a fruit basket, champagne and other bits and pieces. When we went out on the balcony things got even better, because from the fifth floor where we were the views of the sea and the beach were just spectacular.

Although we were tempted to enjoy the suite rather than just leave our suitcases and head out, Noah hadn’t forgotten that we’d promised him some time at the pool. That’s therefore where we went, for a little while at least.

 We had lunch at the pool buffet restaurant, and the food was really delicious … They even have the option of papas arrugadas with green and red sauce (both were delicious) … 😊 We had already eaten there about two years ago, and I immediately remembered how good and varied the hotel’s food is.

After finishing lunch Noah wanted to go back to the pool, but he also wanted to go to the mini club to see Roni and we wanted to go to the spa to receive our complimentary package, courtesy of the hotel … In the end Noah wanted more and more pool – and more – so much that we couldn’t do either of the other two options. Without a doubt you should go to Roca Nivaria for more than one night.

Family Travel Secret
Roni is the mascot of the Hotel Roca Nivaria. He's a pilot whale, a mammal that lives permanently off the Tenerife coast. You can buy almost any product relating to the mascot, from the CD with his music and the stuffed toy to an entertaining puzzle or a full child's wash bag.

When the heat from the sun had started to disappear (you have to remember it was the middle of February and we enjoyed a wonderful day at a swimming pool 😊), I took Noah back to the room. We showered and while he watched some cartoons on the TV I went for a walk, to take some photos of the beach and the sunset just as the hotel lights were starting to come on.

I got back to the suite and the boys were ready to go for dinner. By mistake we sat in the area reserved for adults – right under the sign saying just that! 😊😊 As soon as we were made aware of our mistake we headed for the nearby children’s area (although we could have eaten on the terrace) and it was a good move, because not only were we near the section where Noah could play when he finished eating but we also didn’t have to walk far to the buffet.

Family Travel Secret
The kids always are under the care of their parents, but the restaurant's play area entertainers kids can help to occupy the children while their parents finish eating.

The variety of food at dinner is shocking – Mexican, local, Italian, a variety of desserts and cheeses – I have no doubt that everyone leaves satisfied.

At 8:30pm Fabio went down to the mini disco with Noah so that he could dance for a while or at least enjoy some time with Roni and his little show. Noah had other plans though, and they returned to the restaurant where I was still finishing dinner and went straight to the play area. Well, that allowed us to enjoy the restaurant for a bit longer, almost like a normal couple 😊😊 When we finished the three of us went back to the suite to rest.

The following day we had to start the day bright and early, as Fabio had to catch his flight to Vienna from the North Airport. We had a few little things for breakfast, although it was a pain not having more time to enjoy it at leisure. Once again, the variety of food provided by this chain of hotels is incredible … We collected our things and headed for the airport.

Once again we’ve been lucky enough to stay in a five-star hotel, and it is very deserving of all five. This is the perfect place to spend a few quiet but entertaining days as a family, where there is a wide range of activities that will keep you occupied whenever you want. We can only end with a personal comment: “Roni, expect us back soon because we’ve been left with a desire to return!” 😊



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