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Siam Park Tenerife

After almost a year of travelling in search of hot climes, good weather and beaches – as well as numerous mountain walks and excursions – we found ourselves clamoring for something different… As such, the Siam Park water park we came across in Tenerife hit the spot! We decided to spend the entire day at […]

Grand Hotel Cocumella – Sorrento and Amalfi Coast

After spending an enjoyable day on the Amalfi Coast we headed to Sorrento, where we found our accommodation for the next two days: the Grand Hotel Cocumella. We parked the car and were met with all the details you’d expect from a hotel like this. The staff showed us the hotel’s facilities and our room […]

Our Family Experience at Forestal Park in Tenerife

As we’re still in Tenerife, we’ve decided to make the most of our stay. It might be short-lived (because when we arrived we knew it would be for a fixed duration), but we’ve decided it will be as worthwhile as possible… so we went to Forestal Park to challenge ourselves. As always, we enjoyed an […]

Roca Nivaria Hotel in Tenerife

After two weeks of Noah not seeing Fabio, we thought it would be a wonderful idea to spend a carefree day at a hotel in the south of the island… Roca Nivaria Hotel in Tenerife offered everything we wanted for a quiet stay as a family. We arrived at noon and after checking in we […]

Loro Parque in Tenerife

Now that we’re in Tenerife, the concept of family has been extended to the maximum possible. We’d have reached the pinnacle of this if my nearly 82-year-old grandma hadn’t gone out partying on the Friday … 🙂 But first things first … One of the must-visits on the island is Loro Parque, and after almost […]

Jardines de Nivaria Hotel – Tenerife (Spain)

Here we are again, having visited this hotel – Jardine de Nivaria in Costa Adeje – a year and a half ago. It doesn’t sound like long, but the hotel has undergone a remarkable transformation in certain areas. Those of you who have already been following us for a while know that our recommendations are […]


We got up rested and ready to make the most of Maundy Thursday by visiting one of Spain’s most unique and beautiful cities: Cordoba. It had been more than 15 years since I last set foot on the city’s streets, so I was very much looking forward to seeing how it had changed. Plans always […]

Palma del Río… again a flight in our lives

After more than 4 months, we once again packed a suitcase and caught a plane. This time it was to Palma del Río in Córdoba. Noah was particularly excited and hoped it would be a big plane (so he’d have his own screen with activities). Short journeys don’t tend to have them though, so I […]

Las Canadas del Teide National Park, a must in Tenerife

If you’re in Tenerife then you inevitably have to visit the Las Cañadas del Teide National Park, and of course with us having been on the island for five months we’ve visited it a few times … We’ve been every time we’ve had an excuse 😊😊 First I have to apologize, because for the last […]

Carnival in Tenerife with family and friends

When I think of carnival, Rio, Venice and Barranquilla spring to mind. But we’re still in Tenerife, and with our concept of family there’s no better place in the world to celebrate the carnival with children (although there are lots of fun and slightly crazy options for adults too 😊)… Here you have our experience […]

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