Walking around the Chinyero volcano in Tenerife

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Walking around the Chinyero volcano in Tenerife

We had just finished our world trip and we took a few days to relax and recover from the physical exertion of so many months of visits and adapting to new places. On our second weekend in Tenerife we finally had enough energy to go out again and explore new spots to share with you, such as the sendero Circular del Chinyero volcano.

the volcano Chinyero in Tenerife and the show of clouds, while we explored this pleasant Tenerife sendero

Noah had had a bit of a fever for a few days and we hadn’t wanted to risk using up all his energy, but on that Sunday he seemed to wake up feeling much more lively. With him feeling better we all got ready to go for a nice day out.

Family Travel Secret
Chinyero volcano is located inside the Las Canadas National Park, where we were able to spot up closer the father of all volcanoes in Canary Islands, El Teide.

Not only the trail Circular del Chinyero is pleasant, but it is also a great walk to be explored with children in Tenerife. Noah loved it!

On this occasion Family Travel Secrets went out to explore in its extended form, as the core family (Fábio, Noah and I) were joined by the grandparents (Pablo and Leo) and cousin Casandra (Noah is her number one fan). 🙂

The whole family ready to start the hiking trail of the volcano Chinyero in Tenerife

Best buddies: Fabio and my father had a blast during the hike through the volcano Chinyero in Tenerife

A tour around the Chinyero volcano is quite easy and doesn’t take very long. In approximately three hours you can circle the whole thing at a relaxed pace and enjoy the varied landscapes that you’ll find there.

Our family enjoying the trail Circular del Chinyero in Tenerife


The walk through the sendero Circular del Chinyero was very pleasant and not difficult at all

The contrast of vegetation and the lava left from the volcano Chinyero is simply marvellous

Family Travel Secret
The Chinyero volcano was the last volcano to erupt in Tenerife, in 1909. It continued to throw out lava for just under two weeks.


We parked the cars at the side of the road, got our backpacks ready and started walking. The wonderful thing about the tour around Chinyero volcano is that there is such a great variety of landscapes, because you pass through graveled areas, lava fields and pinewoods and then at the end you can see the volcanic cone in all its breathtaking beauty 🙂

Although with the remaining lava covering the surroundings of the volcano Chinyero, the flora and vegetation during our hiking have given us beautiful shots

Lava, flora and clouds... all during our hiking through the sendero Circular del Chinyero

At the beginning of the excursion we climbed a small hill and took photos of the Chinyero volcano.

We continued to skirt around the various volcanoes that surround the Chinyero and we literally stumbled upon a lava stream. On that part of the excursion granddad Pablo decided to carry Noah in his arms so that he wouldn’t touch the lava accidentally.

Family Travel Secret
The lava rocks have some sharp edges that could cut the skin if they were to fall suddenly, so we recommend walking very cautiously in those wilder areas.


After the lava came the pine forest, and with it the contrast between the black volcanic sand and the dark brown pine needles.

We skirted around the Chinyero volcano, where we were already able to enjoy the backdrop of the sunset.

We arrived at a large pine tree from where there’s a panoramic view of the Chinyero volcano. We took advantage of that and ate some sandwiches.

Time to stop and recharge the batteries to continue our tour around Chinyero volcano

When we finished we walked for about another 40 minutes among pine trees and then we reached the beginning of the trail, near the road. At the end of this little excursion we had the opportunity to enjoy a clear sky and at last we could see the peak of the Teide without clouds.

The clouds also have given us a private show during our hike through Circular del Chinyero volcano, in Tenerife, Canary Islands

Definitely an enjoyable and entertaining excursion that is a perfect thing to do as a family 🙂

The landscape, including the fascinating El Teide, was the cherry on top of our tour through the Chinyero volcano in Tenerife


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