Our Family Experience at Forestal Park in Tenerife

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Our Family Experience at Forestal Park in Tenerife

As we’re still in Tenerife, we’ve decided to make the most of our stay. It might be short-lived (because when we arrived we knew it would be for a fixed duration), but we’ve decided it will be as worthwhile as possible… so we went to Forestal Park to challenge ourselves.

As always, we enjoyed an interesting activity as a family. This time it was Forestal Park in Tenerife that offered us the chance to challenge ourselves, particularly Noah.

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This physical activity – which involves being up high, climbing, motor coordination and balance – is a perfect thing for both adults and children to do.

We knew Noah wouldn’t have any problem with being up high in the trees, but it was a real surprise to see how well he handled himself and got around the obstacles.

First they kitted us out with harnesses and we got a talk about safety, in which they showed us everything and taught us how to use the equipment. There is an option for children to go up with instructors, but in general they manage by themselves with some instruction.

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At Forestal Park each group usually has an instructor or supervisor who attaches the harnesses on the participants and explains the basic safety procedures, as well as how to get around up in the heights. If they see someone get stuck, they help them.

Because there was a child’s birthday party happening, they let us go first so we could do the family circuit more comfortably. Mario, our supervisor, told us that Noah would lead the way for us. Without any indecision, Noah always jumped into “nothing” and tackled the obstacles without fear and with total determination.

The family trail of the Forestal Park consists of three paths which increase in difficulty and height. With a maximum height of 13 meters above the ground and the final zip wire XXX long, it was without a doubt a very entertaining experience.

What particularly caught our attention was when Noah wasn’t quite sure how to proceed with a section with hanging ropes, which we relied on for balance and leg strength. After hanging for a while, he realized he had to climb the rope. With a lot of effort, he overcame the most difficult test he had faced that morning.

The weather was very good and we took around 2 hours to finish the three paths. By the end, Noah was completely shattered 😊 He seemed particularly happy about the experience though.

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For safety reasons Forestal Park recommend a minimum age of six years old, but with the new harness system (attached in two places) they allow children who are over 1.1 meters tall to take part in the activity. That's why Noah was able to participate, even though he only recently turned 5.

They estimate that it will take two hours to complete the family circuit, on average. I think that’s exactly how long we took and we felt that it was perfect as a first introduction, both for children and for adults who may be afraid of heights.

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In Forestal Park there are two types of circuit. The family one has three parts and starts with a briefing where they explain how to climb, the obstacles you'll face, and how to use the zip wires (gradually you'll reach a height of 13 meters above the ground). The other trail is designed for adults and is called the sports circuit, with six sections and a maximum height of 30 meters above the ground.

In the Forestal Park there is no age limit for adults, and older people (including some 80 year olds) have tried the activity. As it is all about personal growth, often people who thought they wouldn’t be able to manage get a great feeling when they reach 30 meters above the ground.

It’s also a very family-oriented activity, so children love it and so do their grandparents 😊 Some parts are more complicated than others, which is why they have to be accompanied by an adult. Although sometimes people freeze or get stuck, most want to repeat the experience. It’s an opportunity to challenge yourself to improve, have confidence in yourself and realize what you can do.

We loved the quiet area where Forestal Park is located, and we were pleasantly surprised by all the safety measures. We liked the environmental approach that’s been taken to the park. It’s a leisure activity, but great respect is shown in the way it is run. From a personal perspective, we’ve observed first-hand that Noah is a natural adventurer. His place is amongst nature and every obstacle he faces is just proof that he fights to overcome anything that gets in his way.



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