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Brunelli’s Steakhouse in Puerto de la Cruz

If you’ve been to Tenerife, you’ll definitely have heard the name of Brunelli’s Steakhouse. If you haven’t been to try their variety of international cuts of meat, you’ll have seen lots of advertising for the restaurant and its iconic cow’s head dish when passing through the towns on the island. For us, what guarantees its […]

Walking around the Chinyero volcano in Tenerife

We had just finished our world trip and we took a few days to relax and recover from the physical exertion of so many months of visits and adapting to new places. On our second weekend in Tenerife we finally had enough energy to go out again and explore new spots to share with you, […]

A pleasant excursion through Rambla de Castro in Tenerife

The weather wasn’t as wonderful as it had been on the other weekends in January, but after a moment of indecision most of our friends who were going to come together for a little walk through Rambla de Castro Tenerife decided to go for it and we set off – great!! In the end the […]

Time to recharge the batteries in Tenerife…

After an extremely hectic past 2 months with all the moving, filling up boxes, selecting everything we needed for this 1-year journey, etc., we finally had some days off to recharge the batteries and get ready for the adventure. In the past few years Tenerife was synonymous with work. With our other website (Tenerife Travel Secrets) […]

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