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Grayton Beach

Our journey to Grayton Beach didn’t start in the best possible way. When we travelled from Orlando, where we had spent a fantastic week enjoying the theme parks, the closest (and most affordable) stop for us before Grayton was a city called Marianna. We found a motel for a good price and we didn’t need […]

Crystal River and the manatees

Swimming with the Crystal River manatees was one of Ruth’s “many wishes” on our USA trip. One by one I had to ignore her wishes for budget reasons or because of the location (or just for spite 🙂 ) but this was a nice one that was worth the trip and later we realized that […]

A Magic day at Magic Kingdom

This is written at the entrance of Magic Kingdom: “We believe in our idea: a family park where parents and children could have fun together“. This sentence from Walt Disney says everything about our feelings and those of many other families at Magic Kingdom that day. It was a very hot day and we knew […]

Legoland Florida experience

A Legoland Florida experience – after a great experience at Animal Kingdom Noah was really looking forward to this day, particularly because he loves to play with Lego. I’m not sure what exactly he was expecting though … He probably thought we were going to a place with a room full of mini Lego or […]

Kennedy Space Center Experience

NASA’s Kennedy Space Center … That´s the dream of many kids who want to be an astronaut one day … I was one of them a long time ago. That feeling followed me for some time until I was in college when I chose a different career – definitely something easier and less technical 🙂 […]

Boca Raton: enjoying our friends and the surroundings

After a couple of weeks with our friends Borba and Eliza in Miami it was time to visit our friends Alan and Carol in Boca Raton. Noah was probably happy to go there because then he could play with their children and their toys, so finally we were spending a few days just for him. […]

Everglades National Park – a day amongst alligators

The Everglades National Park was one of the places that Ruth had been talking about for a while, so I knew that if for any reason we didn’t go there she would be frustrated. She was very excited and curious to see Noah’s reaction when he saw those scary animals and their huge jaws. We almost had to […]

From Miami with love

Miami, here we are!!   The setting for important series such as CSI and Miami Vice, this was our new home for two weeks and boy, did we enjoy it … For the first time in several months we had the chance to go to the beach and just relax. Of course we were expecting […]

Islamorada Key … one of the Florida Keys

If you are in Miami you simply cannot miss out on a trip to the Keys, like Islamorada Key for instance. They are small islands that are aligned in the ocean and easily accessible from Miami. The most famous one is Key West, located about 2 hours from Miami. One of the nicest things about […]

Key Biscayne and the Lighthouse

Key Biscayne is one of the most beautiful coastal areas of Miami which is located in the south of the city, and you can get there easily by car or by taking a bus that stops very close to the entrance (although of course afterwards you need to walk quite a bit). This was one of […]

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