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The Forbidden City in Beijing

Initially, the Forbidden City was one of the main things we wanted to see in Beijing. The problem was that, because of various circumstances, we very nearly weren’t able to visit it. The first time we were nearby, we were visiting Beihai Park. The second time we visited the Forbidden City was before we were […]

Summer Palace in Beijing

Another great day in the Chinese capital with the Summer Palace of Beijing as one of our planned visits. We visited the Forbidden City in the morning and, as we’d managed to be well organized (for once! 😀 😀 ), we took the metro to Beigongmen (4 Line) to visit the Summer Palace’s gardens. The […]

Working People’s Cultural Palace and Tiananmen Square in Beijing

Imperial Ancestral Temple and Tiananmen Square were the targets that day… but not the initial targets. We’d reserved this day exclusively for visiting the Forbidden City, but what we didn’t know is that things wouldn’t go exactly as we’d planned. There was an unearthly downpour throughout the entire night prior to our visit. From our […]

Temple of Heaven in Beijing

After several very hot days, being back in the hot, humid and polluted city of Beijing wasn’t the best, but we were there anyway and were looking forward to seeing the places we’d missed out on during our first visit, such as the Temple of Heaven. We decided to walk around the Temple of Heaven […]

Exploring Beijing and the Beihai Park

Our first days in China were a mix of excitement, about visiting a country with a completely different culture, and confusion, as due to the different culture it is not easy to move around and go places. We had a day-long journey from the US, with a stopover in Taipei-Taiwan. There Ruth and Noah were […]

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