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Lima and its historical center

Once you get to Lima you realize that this is a city full of contrasts. We could see that in the couple of weeks with our friends Ben and Susana. This monster city – with about 10 million people inhabiting it – boasts culture and architecture from the times of Francisco Pizarro as well as the chaotic […]

Restaurant Panchita: our experience

The food and restaurants in Lima, such as the Restaurante Panchita, are simply marvelous and Limeños are obsessed with food. No wonder the capital of Peru has so many award-winning restaurants and such world-renowned cuisine. It’s good for the locals and even better for visitors. One of the most famous chefs in the world has several […]

Lima: the beginning of our South American route

Here we are … Lima! Although the first stops on our journey were Tenerife and Brazil, we must admit that we consider Peru the first stop on the trip. The reason for that is that our planning started here. Our flight departed from Sao Paulo at 5:50 AM on March 30, and as it was early […]

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