Grand Hotel Cocumella – Sorrento and Amalfi Coast

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Grand Hotel Cocumella – Sorrento and Amalfi Coast

After spending an enjoyable day on the Amalfi Coast we headed to Sorrento, where we found our accommodation for the next two days: the Grand Hotel Cocumella.

We parked the car and were met with all the details you’d expect from a hotel like this. The staff showed us the hotel’s facilities and our room (a cloister view suite), and then we booked a table for dinner.

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The Grand Hotel Cocumella has a spectacular entrance, as the front of the building is what was once an old church and Jesuit residence. Obviously it has been transformed since the time when it was built, but the beauty of the original building remains intact.

There are seven different types of rooms and each of them has a special, unique feature. This is because the builders took advantage of the monastery’s structure to accommodate the 48 rooms of the Grand Hotel Cocumella. Our suite had two full bathrooms, which was really convenient for the four of us. Other rooms have terraces (some with a jacuzzi), sea views, a garden, etc.

In the corridors and communal areas of the hotel you can see little details and original elements of the historical legacy, being set in a Jesuit residence.

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From 1557 there was great interest in having a church in honor of the Jesuit Saint Antonino in Sorrento, but the “Residencia Sorrentina” only opened in 1637.

Dinner was particularly delicious. It was served in the Scintilla Restaurant, although in the summer there’s also the option to eat at Coku (Mediterranean-Japanese fusion cuisine) with sea views.

The second day couldn’t have started better … Breakfast was really comprehensive. It was served on the terrace, with idyllic views out over the garden and the sea in the background. There was huge variety on the buffet and the menu of additional items, with hot drinks, pastries and fruit. Many of the products on offer are made with produce from the hotel’s organic vegetable garden, like the orange marmalade.

The service is excellent and the warmth the staff display is genuine. The tables are set in a very elegant, simple and colorful way.

Even though there’s lots to see on the Amalfi Coast, and the Grand Hotel Cocumella is in the perfect location for visiting all the tourist sites in the area, we decided to spend the morning at the hotel pool … It was a great decision, because the tranquility of the gardens surrounding the swimming pool was only broken by Noah’s constant laughter as he swam and had fun in the pool. There is also a spa, tennis court and gym.

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The extent of the gardens at the Grand Hotel Cocumella is pretty much unique in the area, with the organic vegetable garden, birds singing and almost infinite varieties of flowers and plants. The tranquility in the area of Sant’Angelo (Sorrento), where it's located, means you feel more like you're at a private property than a hotel – marvelous.

The weather was stunning that day, so in the end we couldn’t resist leaving the hotel to visit some of the places of interest nearby. We went to Positano, where we spent a relaxed afternoon.

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The Grand Hotel Cocumella is in a privileged spot in Sorrento because of its unrivaled sunset, with wonderful colors and views of Vesuvius. It's also in an enviable location if you want to discover Capri, the Amalfi Coast, Naples and Pompeii.

On the last day we went down the cliff through a cave to the hotel’s small, private, sandy beach. There’s a sun deck with hammocks, and hotel guests who want a privileged view of the Gulf of Naples are welcome to take the sailboat, Vera.

Lastly, we must mention that the hotel can host any type of event, because its cloister is covered, it has several very elegant ballrooms and you can even enjoy your special occasion in the cave, on the beach or on the terrace. It’s the ideal place to turn your dreams into reality.

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The Jesuit residence had many functions and was visited by many famous faces, until it was bought by Pietro Antonio Gargiulo in 1777. His descendants transformed the building and its gardens into the hotel we see today (the oldest on the Sorrento Peninsula), which has even been visited by Goethe, Freud and Hans Christian Andersen.

Our stay at the Grand Hotel Cocumella was much better than we had imagined, even though Sandra, a friend of Fabio’s, had already told us about her experience at the hotel with her mother the year before. For my parents, it was a level of luxury and intimacy they have rarely experienced before. That was just one more thing that made this trip one of the most special they’ve ever been on. It’s going to be hard to beat what we experienced on the Amalfi Coast and at the Grand Hotel Cocumella … The only option is to go back, but next time it has to be with Fabio 😊😉



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