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Aquatica San Diego – California

Aquatica San Diego was our sweet goodbye to the US. After spending two and a half months exploring this beautiful country, we spent our last hours before going to China celebrating on a high note in this very entertaining San Diego waterpark. We left with only one complaint: we didn´t have more time to spend […]

SeaWorld San Diego: our experience

SeaWorld San Diego was one of the places that we were most looking forward to during our visit to the city. This is very famous in the US because of its shows and the opportunity to get a bit closer to amazing animals such as whales, otters and belugas. We knew that Noah would enjoy […]

Grand Canyon National Park North Rim – Arizona

We had the opportunity to enjoy the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, an amazing part of this stunning US National Park, during our journey through the West. When you look into the chasm of the Grand Canyon National Park North or South Rims you feel overwhelmed by this great spectacle provided by Mother Nature. […]

Glenn Canyon National Recreational Area – Lake Powell – Arizona

It was time to relax by the waters of Lake Powell inside Glenn Canyon National Recreational Area. This is one of the many leisure areas in the US that is chosen by tourists and locals as a place to relax and park their RV’s for few days. We didn’t have any RV, so instead, we […]

Monument Valley – a treasure guarded by the Navajos

Monument Valley is a treasure guarded by the Navajo Indians in Utah. Those rock formations are simply amazing and it is certainly a place to be visited. In the morning we had been visiting Arches National Park and we decided that we could continue our route towards the south of Utah. On the way we […]

Pit stop in San Diego before exploring the west

San Diego – our home for 3 nights in California. Or rather our friends´ home, but Tiago made us so comfortable there that it felt like home. It´s a pity that his wife Manuela and their children were not there as it could have been a full house and Noah would certainly have enjoyed playing […]

Las Vegas, let’s roll the dice!

Las Vegas experience… the home of gambling and paradise for all players who want to get money in a short period of time. The worst thing is that many of them achieve that. Our case was different, as Las Vegas was a stop-off point on our world trip. If it wasn’t for the good hotel […]

Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

Hoover Dam is an enormous construction in the middle of the desert that literally left us with our mouths hanging open. Given its majestic structure and that it is located just a few miles from Vegas, there are lots of tours taking you there and showing you inside. But as we are on a budget […]

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley is probably called that because of the heat. That´s just a joke (or maybe not …), but the fact is that this preserved desert area in the western part of the US can reach extreme temperatures during the summer. We had no other time to visit and we did not know that it […]

Visiting Houston with a CityPass

Houston, Texas, was to our minds just a stop-off point before going to the west (California) for a one-month trip through the National Parks. We chose Houston because that’s where we were applying for our Chinese visas. If it wasn’t possible there (as we are not nationals and don’t have a permanent residence in the […]

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