Grand Canyon National Park North Rim – Arizona

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Grand Canyon National Park North Rim – Arizona

We had the opportunity to enjoy the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, an amazing part of this stunning US National Park, during our journey through the West.


When you look into the chasm of the Grand Canyon National Park North or South Rims you feel overwhelmed by this great spectacle provided by Mother Nature. The views are simply breath-taking and the best thing you can do is rent one of the cabins available inside the park or bring your camping equipment and stay in the old-fashioned way.


The fact is, though, one day is not enough. We truly appreciated our time there and it was just great to stop at the viewpoints and behold nature.




We decided to visit the North Rim because that was the part of the canyon that was on our way, and we have no regrets. I´m sure the South Rim has beautiful views too, but that will have to wait for our next visit.

We just had one set back: part of the Grand Canyon National Park North Rim was closed due to a forest fire so we could not get some of the main viewpoints in the area, including the Imperial Point.



Another part that Ruth was really keen to visit was Toroweap Point, but we couldn´t go there as you have to go off road to get there and we could so easily have got stuck in the sand (as we almost did in the Mojave Desert 🙂 ), so in the end I had to take this one out of her mind 🙂 🙂 … Not an easy task and I had to ask the help of a ranger who confirmed that our car was not appropriate for that kind of journey.


Our visit to the Grand Canyon National Park North Rim

We even got to see a rescue; it looked as if someone had decided to take an alternative trail, which of course was not marked and was too close to one of the cliffs, and somehow he got injured. In the following two hours that we were in the Grand Canyon National Park North Rim, this person was still being rescued.


Family Travel Secret
You should never leave the marked trails. You could be injured on the way or something worse, and it may not be so easy to be rescued. And always follow the advice from the rangers and at the visitor centers (collect your trash, follow the signs of the trail…). That way, you can help to maintain the park for your next visit.





Family Travel Secret
The route leading to the Grand Canyon National Park North Rim is in the middle of a forest with amazing fauna, so you should always drive carefully and within the limits as we spotted all kind of animals crossing the roads. You may save not only their lives, but yours as well. This advice is valid for the majority of the National Parks in the US.



The only viewpoint that we could enjoy for some time was the Bright Angel Point from where we had an amazing view of the Canyon and the horizon. At one of the sights it was suggested that some days there is a lot of haze in the air due to some of the local industries, fires in the park, and the increased pollution in the atmosphere. So it is not always possible for visitors to see the San Francisco Peaks on a clear day, although we were fortunate to during our visit.







The day has finished at Grand Canyon National Park and we started heading to our next destination in California, but we were lucky enough to encounter a herd of buffalo grazing quietly… A spectacle difficult to forget 🙂





Next stop, Sequoia National Park!



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