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Japan Rail Pass, our experience

Japan Rail Pass has made our lives really easy while travelling through this fascinating country. We have truly enjoyed the experience of travelling using this pass and there are many more pros than cons, including the convenience and the simple fact that we reached several cities from north to south during those 2 weeks that […]

Our last night in Tokyo and Japan

Our last night in Japan was kind of sad – we were 24 hours away from leaving this extraordinary country. Undoubtedly this is the country I’ve enjoyed visiting the most. Maybe Ruth will say differently, but I’m sure that this one is also among her favorites.              We’ve visited quite […]

Jidai Matsuri Festival in Kyoto

The Jidai Matsuri Festival was the reason why we went back to Kyoto in our last days in Japan. We had already been in the city for 3 nights the previous week, and with the number of things we wanted to see in Japan it didn’t make much sense to go back there. But the […]

Hitachi Seaside Park and its colorful autumn flowers

Our visit to Hitachi Seaside Park almost didn’t happen due to the distance to the park and the fact that we needed an extra day in the north of Japan. The day beforehand we had been in Oyama, where we spent the night after a couple of days in Hirosaki, enjoying the castle and the […]

Apple picking at Hirosaki Apple Park

Hirosaki Apple Park was not on our initial list of places to visit in Japan, but our friends Roberto and Eliza gave us the tip and we don’t regret it. The day before at Hirosaki Castle had been really pleasant, and our day at the Apple Park combined with that to make this trip to […]

The fascinating Kyoto temples and gardens

By now we have realized that, with so many Kyoto temples, gardens, historical houses, as well as other important landmarks to be seen,  Kyoto is the ideal city in Japan for exploring a world of rich and fascinating history. We had a glance on our first day, but by now we can confirm that the […]

Our visit to Miyajima and Hiroshima

Hiroshima was not in our initial plans of places to visit in Japan, but upon our arrival in the country we started organizing our trips better and were able to find a day to visit this lovely city. We had purchased the rail pass with the company JR Pass for exactly 14 days, and wanted to […]

Luck You townhouse, our experience in a Ryokan

Luck You townhouse, a traditional newly built Ryokan in Kyoto, gave us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in Japanese style while in Japan. Up to now we have stayed in hotels, hostels and guest houses around the world, each one better than the last, but being in a traditional house of the country we were […]

Kyoto first days

 Even before arriving in Japan we heard that Kyoto was perhaps the most attractive city in the country. It is a cute town where visitors can find anything they wish for in terms of culture and tradition. Within just a few hours we were fully immersed in all the aspects of Japan that you hear […]

Last days in Tokyo before exploring the rest of Japan

The next days in Tokyo were just as pleasant as the first ones. We had more time to visit a bit of the city, enjoy the Oeshiki Festival, but there are a lot of things to do in Tokyo so unfortunately we had to leave quite a bit for the end of our trip in […]

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