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Our Story

Fabio, Ruth and our little Noah … 3 travelers of the world. After years of thinking about it we called it quits on conventionality and bought a one-way ticket out of the country. It wasn’t our first trip, far from that, but it was certainly the most unusual one as we decided to take some time off from our 9 to 6 desk jobs and embark upon this amazing experience with our 4-year old son.



Up until now we have visited many countries, but mostly in Europe on short trips, such as long weekends or 2-3 week holidays … and always with everything meticulously planned. We can’t complain, as we have had the chance to explore beautiful locations, see amazing landscapes and get to know different cultures.


We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.


But it’s a whole different story now. We know that we simply can’t plan every step of our journey, and we aren’t sure (as of yet!) what is going to be inside our backpacks and/or suitcases the whole time, what we are going to experience and who we will get to know. If things go south, we will probably need to call off the trip and won’t know if we’ll be able to pick up from where we left off.


It’s a scary picture not having the comfort of our home, but on the other hand also a very exciting adventure that awaits us. Since we went public with “the news” (although having had it in mind for more than 8 years) we’ve heard all kinds of things, and we loved it when people said – you are crazy, but I’m jealous! Not that we want that sentiment coming from our friends and family, but when we hear that we immediately think: heck… we are finally going on this adventure. A dream come true. And that’s it, a dream finally coming true.



It will definitely be a challenge for our little one as well, but also a fantastic and unique experience in his life. Maybe (probably) he will not remember everything in the future, but hey … he will enjoy every minute (we will make sure of that).


Why Family Travel Secrets?


I like to call it our “Travel Secrets” brand, although there are many other websites and blogs that came before ours (it is hard for me to accept that ).


It all started with our website called Tenerife Travel Secrets. What started as a hobby became our work. Ruth is responsible for the art and presence (social media, articles and pics) and I give her a bit of help with the tech (although I’m not a techie…), such as layout, codes, ranking, etc., and business parts.Over the years we have seen the website growing and with that came a good level of credibility among hotels, companies, tour guides, etc. We will now take this opportunity to spread the word about the island and the village where Ruth was born (La Orotava, which is up for the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2018) and, of course, spread the word about Tenerife Travel Secrets too.


When creating this website/blog, it just seemed natural to call it Family Travel Secrets, and we hope we can keep friends, family and visitors updated about our journey.


Some Background


Fabio, from Brazil. I came to Europe a little more than 10 years ago to spend just 6 months studying. 6 months became 1 year, then another year, then I met my future wife and here we are together today. I had a pretty good job in Brazil as risk consultant and auditor, and it was not easy to leave my company (I still have a high regard for the company and colleagues) and move to another country, as it was just my second time going abroad (the first time was for less than 3 weeks).


Ruth, from the beautiful Tenerife in the Canary Islands, had already been away from home for few years pursuing her career as a lawyer in Madrid before deciding to move to London. That was where she met some of her good friends including the one she refers to as a sister, who had a beautiful baby a few months ago. We also met there in London when we worked at the same hotel, facing Hyde Park. It was a different life, but also a very rewarding one in terms of experience.


Noah, our 4-year old heir. He brought light to our lives and his can’t-sit-in-a-chair-for-more-than-10-seconds mentality is what keeps us in good shape. Always smiling, he’s the one giving us a boost to achieve this amazing journey.


Want to know what our trip’s going to be like? If so follow us on our adventures around the world and don’t forget to comment with your feedback, advice or questions.

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