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Welcome to Bali

Welcome to Bali, a place with one of the friendliest people in Indonesia or anywhere. That’s what we felt as soon as we arrived on the island. Here you ask “when does the show start?”, and they answer “when everything is ready …”. Now we can vouch for that. This is a place where there’s […]

Xitang, exploring the watertowns near Shanghai

Xitang, one of China’s water towns, was our last planned trip for our stay in the country. We wanted to see something different from everything we’d already seen on our travels across this huge country, so we decided that we wouldn’t miss the chance to see one of the many water towns around the cosmopolitan Shanghai. […]


As the trip through China was more spontaneous than we had planned, there were a few things that went well, because they had to 🙂 . Our initial idea was to have arrived in Shanghai on 20th August, but what happened? Well, we couldn’t find any sleeper train tickets from Luoyang or Zhengzhou for the […]

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