Our food experience at Kasen Restaurant – Elegant Angkor Resort & Spa

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Our food experience at Kasen Restaurant – Elegant Angkor Resort & Spa

One of the places we enjoyed a lot during our stay at Elegant Angkor Resort, in Siem Reap, was the Kasen Restaurant.


Everything was great: the food, the environment, the service … Initially we were planning not to spend every day in the hotel for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but we were so positively surprised by the food there that we changed our minds quickly 🙂



To start with, the breakfast at Kasen Restaurant was amazing. This is a luxury boutique hotel in Siem Reap, so we were not expecting huge buffets with warm and cold dishes. But the hotel definitely had great choice for breakfast. There is a small buffet with a variety of dishes, like cheese, bread, juices, salads and cereals, and guests can also choose additional options from the menu.




The menu has yoghurts, different types of eggs (we like omelets for breakfast, so at least we had this choice there), English option and continental.



Everything at Kasen Restaurant is freshly made and presented beautifully on the plates. Initially I thought that we could only have one option from the menu, in addition to the buffet, but in fact we could choose as many options as we liked. But of course, I think that they have the menu so that guests don’t order more than they will eat.




Breakfast was sufficient to keep us full of energy for our visits to Angkor Wat, so in the morning we had hearty meals and were good to go.



Our first visit to Angkor Wat was very early in the morning (5am!!!!), so by around 3pm we were already on our way back to the hotel. A late lunch, a swim in the pool and dinner – that was our plan 🙂


The menu at Kasen Restaurant has a variety of dishes, including western and local choices. We tasted some of both and don’t regret it. The food was amazing.

But that day we were particularly tired, due to the time we had woken up, so we decided to order room service and we went for the choices we knew would be great: pasta, a club sandwich and fried rice chicken. They were well presented and tasty, and the 3 of us were fully satisfied afterwards.






Our special dinner at Kasen Restaurant on our last night at Elegant Angkor Resort

On our last day we had a very special dinner. It was our last night and we decided to do it in style. We had a table reserved for us at Kasen Restaurant and a special menu too.



As it was special we tried to wear our most elegant clothes, but this is a world trip so we don’t have anything fancy to wear 🙂 . As they say, “dress to impress” … We did our best 🙂


We also had wine to accompany the food. The last time I had a glass of good wine was in San Diego with our friends, which means it was more than 3 months earlier. I had told Ruth a few times over the previous days that I really wanted to have a good bottle of wine with her father, my current “wine buddy”.


The food was delicious, the presentation impressive and the service just perfect! Chicken caesar salad, potato cream soup.



The only problem was that after the main course (a delicious salmon fillet and a burger) we were completely full. We therefore decided to share a dessert between the 3 of us – that was a huge mistake. The dessert, an Opera Cake, was absolutely amazing, and I dare to say that I could have had another slice. But then I looked at my wife’s face … and changed my mind 🙂 (she was right as usual anyway, as I was already full).




Other restaurants and bars at the hotel

As we mentioned previously in the article about the hotel, Elegant Angkor is a brand new property that is currently being improved and some of the facilities will be launched at the end of November. Apart from Kasen Restaurant, which is fully functional and provides an impressive service, the hotel also has the Coconut Lounge – a stylish lounge bar located on top of the central building.


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The Coconut Lounge is an ideal place for guests who just want to have a few drinks, some tapas, or even a selection from the a la carte menu outside under the stars.


The lounge is set to open at the end of November 2016.

Just next to the pool there is the Sakor Pool, an alfresco dining area and refreshing cocktail bar that guests can benefit from while enjoying the very nice swimming pool.


We had 4 great nights at Elegant Angkor Resort & Spa, where we were delighted with the food, the spa treatment and the services. Everything helped to make our time in Siem Reap before, during and after Angkor Wat absolutely unforgettable.

Apart from being delicious, the dishes served at Kasen Restaurant at Elegant Angkor Resort & Spa in Siem Reap, were also beautifully presented






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