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October 2016

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Maetaeng Elephant Park in Chiang Man

We arrived in Chiang Mai, to see among other things an elephant camp like Maetaeng Elephant Park, after having spent two wonderful nights in Sukhothai. Sukhotai had been part of the plan from the word go when we were organizing our trip, but even though we knew what we would encounter there, its size, contrasts […]

Wat Phra That Doi Temple in Chiang Mai

One thing is clear – there are few temples in the world like the ones in Thailand (or at least that’s true of the ones we came across, such as Wat Phra That Doi Temple, and we aren’t just talking about a couple … 🙂 ). Wat Phra That Doi Temple was high on my […]

Sukhothai, exploring the old capital of Siam

After a long and tiring night journey by bus from Bangkok to Sukhothai and by tuk tuk to the hotel, our next day was very busy. We left our hotel at 8am sharp to spend the day in the old town of Sukhothai. The hotel’s driver dropped us first in front of the Wat Chang […]

Our trip from Bangkok to Sukhothai by bus

Friday, 2:30am. We have just arrived in Sukhothai, after a 7-hour journey Bangkok Sukhothai by bus. We have a small issue: we don’t have a hotel reservation for (the rest of) the night. We went to the bus station in Bangkok with the intention of taking the latest bus possible – in order to spend […]

Shama Sukhumvit Bangkok, our experience

For a while we’ve wanted to stay in an apartment where we could cook our own food and enjoy a bit of privacy with some space of our own. Shama Sukhumvit Bangkok gave us this chance during our first visit to Bangkok. We can’t deny that sometimes it is nice to go to a restaurant […]

Our first days in Bangkok

After 2 unforgettable weeks in Japan it was time to return to Thailand, this time in Bangkok. We were spending the next 3 weeks between there and Cambodia, but with a very flexible plan. We’ve been travelling for 8 months, and although we’ve had some breaks to rest, like in Bali, we have to admit […]

Japan Rail Pass, our experience

Japan Rail Pass has made our lives really easy while travelling through this fascinating country. We have truly enjoyed the experience of travelling using this pass and there are many more pros than cons, including the convenience and the simple fact that we reached several cities from north to south during those 2 weeks that […]

Our last night in Tokyo and Japan

Our last night in Japan was kind of sad – we were 24 hours away from leaving this extraordinary country. Undoubtedly this is the country I’ve enjoyed visiting the most. Maybe Ruth will say differently, but I’m sure that this one is also among her favorites.              We’ve visited quite […]

Jidai Matsuri Festival in Kyoto

The Jidai Matsuri Festival was the reason why we went back to Kyoto in our last days in Japan. We had already been in the city for 3 nights the previous week, and with the number of things we wanted to see in Japan it didn’t make much sense to go back there. But the […]

Hitachi Seaside Park and its colorful autumn flowers

Our visit to Hitachi Seaside Park almost didn’t happen due to the distance to the park and the fact that we needed an extra day in the north of Japan. The day beforehand we had been in Oyama, where we spent the night after a couple of days in Hirosaki, enjoying the castle and the […]

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