Elegant Angkor Resort and Lemongrass Spa

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Elegant Angkor Resort and Lemongrass Spa

During our stay at Elegant Angkor Resort & Spa we had the opportunity to enjoy the services offered by the Lemongrass Spa team. As the hotel is brand new, some of the facilities hadn’t yet been launched, such as the gym and the spa. The ETA for the spa room, for instance, was end of November.


But from the minute we arrived, the hotel went the extra mile to ensure that our stay would be very pleasant and unforgettable. It was noticeable that providing outstanding services for all guests is one of its missions. Not to mention the dishes served in Kasen Restaurant.

As the Spa wasn’t ready during our stay, they offered us massage services in our room. That was perfect for us because it meant that, after long days visiting Angkor Wat, we were able to enjoy relaxing massage therapies in our room.


We didn’t even ask if Noah wanted a massage, as he refused one in Bali and I’m sure that he would rather be enjoying the nice swimming pool right in front of our room. Ruth and I therefore had to have our massages on different days. I chose the last day, because I thought that we would be more tired after 2 days in Angkor Wat 🙂 .


We also decided to try different types of massage to test their services. Ruth had a Thai massage, which is quite deep, and I chose the relaxing massage with oil, which is softer.

One of the professionals from the Lemongrass Spa at Elegant Angkor Resort & Spa (Siem Reap) provided the treatments for us in our room

The set-up in our room (plus a specific clothes for the massage) was all done by the hotel’s team, so we just had to be ready in time for the massage.


As the Thai massage also includes some stretching movements, it was done on the bed. After that hour-long treatment, it was clear from Ruth’s relaxed face that she was satisfied with the service.


My massage was done the next day, and was on a table. The therapist was also very professional, asking if I had any painful areas, and tried to adjust the pressure to my taste throughout the massage.



Family Travel Secret
I think we don’t even need to mention it, but just in case … Before starting the treatment, make sure you inform the therapist if you have any pains or sore muscles, as well as where exactly you want the massage and how much pressure you want them to apply. The therapist will adjust to what you want, to make you feel as comfortable as possible.


I was so relaxed that there were moments at which I even fell asleep during the treatment. But one thing is clear: I was floating after the massage.


There was even some time for a quick dive in the pool with Noah, dinner and then bed with completely relaxed muscles.




The Lemongrass Spa at Elegant Angkor Resort will be launched soon

It’d have been great to see the Lemongrass Spa facillities finished, but at least we can confirm that the hotel uses great professionals, who are specialists in Spa treatments.

After the Spa facilities are ready (expected end of November 2016), guests will be able to enjoy a wide choice of therapies and massages, as well as a sauna and a fitness center.



We didn’t ask if guests will have the option to receive their massage in their room after the spa is launched, but if that’s an option, we’d certainly recommend it to the reader.

We very much thank the team of Lemongrass Spa who provided us with the treatments during our stay at Elegant Angkor Resort. We enjoyed every minute.



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